CB Greg Newsome II (10.13.22)


On preparing for two QBs this week in Patriots QBs Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe:

“It is difficult, but at the same time, we have obviously been able to go against (Patriots QB) Mac Jones and some tendencies that he has. Also, with (Patriots QB) Bailey (Zappe), with the Patriots, they are going to run that set of offense no matter what. Obviously, different quarterbacks are going to do different things, but I feel like the offense is pretty much set to do the same thing no matter what quarterback. There might be a few changes, but I wouldn’t say too many.


On if there was an extra emphasis on tackling in yesterday’s practice:

“Yeah, as soon as we finished our warmups and stuff, we just did like a tackling circuit during practice.”


On main issues with the Browns run defense, referencing staying in gaps and executing assignments:

“I think that is the biggest thing. Like I said, if your job is especially for me like secondary contain, play secondary contain. If your job is to set the edge and hold the edge, hold the edge. I think it is just everybody doing their job and not trying to make any superhero plays. At the end of the day, stay in your gap and stay wherever you are supposed to be, and the ball will come to you. Don’t try to make a play that somebody else is supposed to make.”


On if the Browns defense has been too aggressive in recent weeks:

“No, I wouldn’t say too aggressive. We have a lot of playmakers on defense obviously. It gets frustrating sometimes when the ball is not being ran your way or thrown your way. You are trying to do extra stuff to make a play. If your job like I said is secondary contain, make sure I am back there in case the ball breaks out, and if your job is to set the edge, make sure you are there to set the edge. We say, ‘No peeping Toms’ (laughter) so don’t do this and then try to get in another gap. That is the main issue, but I think it shouldn’t’ be a hard fix.”


On if the Browns defense’s performance in recent weeks is more frustrating given the talent on the unit:

“For sure. When we have the talent that we have on that defense, it is frustrating when you are not putting it to show so the world can see it every Sunday. It definitely is frustrating obviously, especially coming from last year where it felt like we ended the season on a high to note to now, ‘I am not playing so well right now.’ We are just going to work every day at practice, get better and try to put our best foot forward on Sunday.”


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