CB Greedy Williams (9.30.21)

On if he feels like he did a good job staying ready for when his number was called:

“Yeah, no doubt. That has always been the plan – stay ready.”


On if he had any reservations about anything when returning from injuries or if he turned that corner and is fully healthy and back:

“Just trusting the medical staff and what they were telling me. I feel like I am ready. That is all that matters.”


On his emotions going into his first start since 2019:

“I do not let emotions get the best of me. I just take it day by day. As the time comes and the game approaches, that is when my mind is clicked in. I am already mentally prepared for anything.”


On how he has felt in the snaps he has gotten so far on defense:

“I felt great. Did not really worry about the injury or any of that. I feel like I am 100 percent ready to go.”


On if he has improved since 2019:

“You have to improve every year or you will not be here. That is just something you have to do. That just has to be in you as a player anyways.”


On how he has improved:

“Footwork, reading routes and it is a lot of different things.”


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