CB Greedy Williams (9.21.20)

CB Greedy Williams:

On his process since sustaining his shoulder injury: 

“It has just been nothing much. A lot of hospital appointments just trying to see know what is really going on with the shoulder. More than anything, I have just been rehabbing, staying in shape, doing a lot of conditioning work, lifting and things like that. Just keeping the body ready whenever I am available”


On if it felt good to return to practice today:

“It felt great. I had a lot of energy with these guys. Just being out there and having the helmet on next to your brothers is always a great feeling.”

On how he sustained his shoulder injury:

“I am just going to let (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) tell. It was just a hard hit and things did not come back how I wanted to so they pulled me and I have been doing testing and things like that.”

On if he expects to play Sunday and what he can bring to the defense when he ultimately returns:

“Right now, just going to doc and coach and believing what they are telling me about playing time and when I get back. For me, I am just more focused on my recovery, and the rehab process is my motive right now.”

On the potential for LB Mack Wilson, CB Kevin Johnson and him to return to the defense, given other players have stepped in while they were out:

“That just comes with believing in your teammates. I believe in my teammates 100 percent. Without me, Mack and Kevin out there, I feel like they can get the job done because they have to have that mindset that when one goes down the next steps up and do the same. We hold each other to high standards. Like I said, things like that can be fixed, like technique work, busted coverages and things like that. We are just screwing it down week by week. We are trying to be the best on Sunday, every Sunday.”

On if his shoulder injury will be in the back of his mind when he gets back on the field:

“When you think about an injury, that is when [an injury] normally happens. Obviously, when they released me, it is nothing about the injury. I am full-go. Just trying to do whatever to make the team win. Obviously, if they let me back out there, I will be 100 percent so there will be nothing to really nag. I will probably just have to wear a brace or something just to make sure I do not reinjure it. My mindset, I am just going out there to do what I do.”

On if he expected to miss this much time when he first sustained the shoulder injury:

“No because this was the first time it ever happened. Just going to the doctors appointments, trying to figure out the time frame and trying to just know when I am back out there. That has kind of been where I have been.”

On if he is ready to help change the impression that the Browns will be in an offensive shootout every week, given the team has given up 30 points in back-to-back games:

“We do not really listen to the outside noise. We just play football, trust the gameplan and do what we do. We have to hold opponents to less than 30 points a game. That is something that we have been working on, watching a lot of film, coming together as a unit and drilling that into our minds.”


On if the Browns defense has a ways to go with building cohesiveness as players return from injuries in a new defensive system:

“Like I said, one down the next man steps up. That is kind of how we go about this process. That is just believing in your teammates and always having trust. I feel like if one guy goes down, the next man steps up and does the same job.”

On his offseason work to elevate his game to the next level and how the injury impacted his trajectory:

“Getting injured is just one of the most depressing things ever because you are not out there with the team, you are not traveling with the team, you are always in the training room and you are rehabbing. It is a bad feeling to get injured and you can’t do certain things that you love. I put in all that hard work and now I have to sit back and miss two games. There is a lot of stuff that goes through your mind when you are injured. It gives you enough time to sit back and think. That is why I am happy to be back out on the field. I feel like I am free. I feel like I am able to do what I love, and that will just give me an opportunity to get back out there and run with my teammates. It is an amazing feeling.”

On if he reflected on other players season-ending injuries, including S Grant Delpit, when doing his rehab and felt grateful he will have the chance to return:
“Yes ma’am. I keep Grant in high spirits. It will get to him a little bit so I keep him in high spirit. I always call him. We be on the games a lot together. Just letting him know, we have next year, baby. Like I said, I am one of the guys just to call a guy and keep him in high spirits. Obviously, I have been in his situation last year. I know how down you can be to yourself. Like I told Grant, ‘Just keep staying level-headed. You will be back out here next year.’”

On if he feels he will be competing with CB Terrance Mitchell for a starting CB spot when he returns or if he will continue to view it as competing with himself to be as best as he can be:

“May the best man win. Whoever the coaches feel like be the guy on the field, that is the guy on the field. Like I said, I am always competing with myself. I do not think about the next man, who is in this or who is in that. I always competed with myself my whole life, and it got me this far. I am kind of going to stick with it. Just competing with myself and believing in the coaches that they will put the best players on the field.”

On if having CB Kevin Johnson and LB Mack Wilson return to practice can bring a boost to the defense:

“For sure. We have a great chance either way. We have a great chance. We have a great defense coordinator (Joe Woods) who put us in great position to make plays. Like I said, just follow the gameplan week by week and being one unit, being in the defense being one unit, and we all are going out to perform at a high level.”

On Johnson showed in practice prior to his lacerated liver:

“He is an aggressive corner. He attacks the ball. Quick footwork. He is a small guy, but he plays like he is a big guy. You definitely want guys like that – attacking the ball, willing to make tackles, deflecting the ball. He is a playmaker. Definitely, he showed me a lot of that.”

On if criticism of his tackling prior to the NFL Draft has motivated him during his career:

“Going through the draft and the interview process that we do, they talked about the tackling stuff. I always told them whenever I get the opportunity to tackle, you will see me tackle. Like I showed them, it was an opportunity that I had to make tackles and I made them. Like I told them, I am willing to tackle. I am an aggressive guy. Just me just being who I am and doing what I love to do makes me this type of way. I enjoy tackling. It is a great feeling.”

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