CB Greedy Williams (8.6.21)

On what it meant for him to return to a padded practice this week after sustaining a season-ending injury:

“It feels great. Just taking a year out and just getting back out here, it is a different feeling. It is like new all over again. It feels great.”


On if he considers returning to a padded practice and participating in team drills a milestone:

“For sure. For sure. It was one of the goals just to get back and get to running with the team.”


On if all of his strength has returned to his shoulder:

“We are working toward it.”


On if part of him is ready to get the first hit and contact with his shoulder in to be reassured of how it is doing:

“It is really just getting back in the game, playing and do what I do – hit, cover and whatever the game brings.”


On if there are any restrictions on him during practice due to the shoulder:

“No, no restrictions.”


On if he feels like he may need to experience some live tackling drills to be fully confident in the shoulder:

“I feel like I did good in the offseason as far as rehab and stuff like that. I put myself in a great position to get started.”


On if it is rewarding to be back on the field after a long rehab process to reach this point:

“Yeah, I put in a lot of work in the offseason as far as rehab. Just coming out here and being able to do everything 100 percent makes me happy.”


On the competition at CB, understanding the team needs several CBs to contribute:

“Everybody is competing in the DB room. We learn off of each other, and we are just building as a unit.”


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