CB Greedy Williams (10.14.22)


On how excited he is to return from injured reserve and play in this week’s game:

“Very excited. Very excited. Can’t wait.”


On if he will have more on his plate this week with CB Denzel Ward:

“I wouldn’t say more on my plate. I am just I guess the next leader up because I have been here longer than the rest of the guys. I kind of like talk to him and things like that.”


On how he has felt during the last two weeks of practice after being designated to return from injured reserve:

“Everything has been crisp and clean. Just out there making plays and reestablishing myself. I build that trust back with the team, and they see I am ready. That is all that matters.”


On the biggest aspect of returning from injury:

“Just getting a feel for the speed, like you said, and things like that. For me, it would probably take about one day, and I am ready to go after that.”


On if he expects to have a full workload on Sunday:

“I am in when they call me. Like I said, we are going to do a lot of different things, and it will be a great thing going against the Patriots.”


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