CB Denzel Ward (9.19.22)


On what led to the NY Jets’ 66-yard TD pass in the fourth quarter:

“It was just another miscommunication similar to how we had in the first game. It is just guys we all have to get on the same page. It was just a blown coverage, and we let a guy run free.”


On the process of cleaning up mistakes from a game during the practice week:

“It is communication-wise. In practice, we go through periods where we have crowd noise and where it can be loud if we are at home. When we are on defense, a guy gets the call and we have to spread the entire call around to the entire defense so everybody can get on the same page and just want to move it fast. I guess everyone did not get the exact call so that is what kind of messed things up in the game.”


On if Browns players who are feeling a mixture of disappointed, frustrated, angry or fired up can help the team find balance and prepare for Thursday’s game:

“I think so. Guys should be frustrated. It was a tough loss. We were in position to win the game, and we just have to find a way to finish and play a full 60-minute game. Just have to use that as fire and come back focused this next week, fix those corrections and try to find a way to get a win.”


On responding to a comment on Twitter that stated he gave up 100 yards in yesterday’s game by saying he was only targeted one time and if there was more he could have done to help prevent the 66-yard TD yesterday:

“It was not my coverage or whatever. If we would have all been on the same page, then I think things would have got cleared up. If there is someone you want to blame, I will take full blame for that play or whatever plays that we had. I think the biggest thing is we all just need to get on the same page. Related to my tweet, that necessarily was not my coverage and I was not there to make a play on it.”


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