CB Denzel Ward (9.12.22)


On how the Browns can clean up defensive breakdowns that led to big plays yesterday:

“We just got into the meeting room now and just went over our assignments, where guys are supposed to be, communication and what we should have done. That is what it is all about is just getting it and correcting it. Once we get throughout the week for practice, going out there and fixing it on the field.”


On potential miscommunication leading to a free WR and a big play late in the fourth quarter:

“You definitely never want to just give guys anything easy because the NFL, it is hard to win within itself. You definitely do not want to give anybody any gifts. We did that on a few plays and just gave them some. We just had to go in and correct some things, and I am sure we will get it fixed, though.”


On if potential miscommunication were the result of certain DBs not being available during training camp due to injury:

“No, we have a lot of continuity. We played together all last year, and we got a lot of reps together this year, as well during camp. We played a lot of ball together. It happens with football. It was just a miscommunication on a play. We are going to get it fixed and hopefully have a different result next time.”


On no longer having to answer questions about former Browns and Panthers QB Baker Mayfield and the advantage familiarity with Mayfield provided the Browns defense yesterday:

“Baker was the quarterback of the team, but our focus was on the Carolina Panthers just in general and trying to find a way to go out there and get a win. We knew Baker, and Baker knew us, as well, so it definitely played a factor within the game in how we schemed up things and what we did out there.”


On Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey only having 14 touches yesterday:

“I think our linebackers and our guys did a good job, as well, too. I think it is a big credit to our guys up front and the linebackers and safeties being able to contain him as well as much as we did. It definitely helped that they were not able to get him the ball as much because he is their best player on their team. Our guys did a good job as well though in containing him.”


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