CB Denzel Ward (9.1.21)

CB Denzel Ward:

On how to evaluate how good is a defense, other than points allowed which is what defensive coordinator Joe Woods has said is always most important:

“He set the tone. Like you said, definitely points allowed. Just guys doing their job. That is what we try to go out and do every time we step out on the field. Do our job because when we do our job, we win. It is just about executing that, and everything else will take care of itself at the end of the day.”


On if he has grown each year as a pro and what steps he would like to take this year:

“Every year, I try to find stuff to get better. You are never just going to be at the point where you are the best or there is nothing else to work on. I try to better my game every chance I get and every opportunity I get coming out here.”


On if he is confident he can do his job at a top level and what gives him that confidence:

“I am very confident I can do my job at a high level and at the highest level here. I feel I stack up with other corners, as well – top corners in the league. I feel I show that going out there on the feel, and I feel my play speaks for itself.”


On what CB Greg Newsome II has shown in training camp and preseason games:

“I would definitely say consistency. He has been making plays out here and doing what he is supposed to do. He has been doing his job, but he has just been consistent every day with his technique, execution and making plays out here.”


On if Newsome is ready for an every-down role and to play in the slot if needed:

“Definitely. He definitely has that versatility. Like you said, he can play on the inside in the slot and he can play outside corner. I know the coaches and the team are very excited about that and being able to use him in multiple places. He is definitely ready for all of that.”


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