CB Denzel Ward (6.15.21)


On if he hit a home run at WR Jarvis Landry’s celebrity softball game:

“No, I am not much of a baseball player. I got on base, though, but I did not hit a home run. I tried. I tried.”


On how quickly the Browns defense can come together with the new personnel:

“I think we can definitely get on the same page. A lot of guys came in kind of early, as well, to get some work with one another and we were out there getting accustomed to each other and the plays and learning the playbook. I think it will all come together.”


On early impressions of CB Greg Newsome II:

“He is looking good. He is looking like a player. He is looking real good and like a good pick so I am excited to see once these guys get back, the rest of the offense now that they are back, and compete against everybody. He has been looking good out there.”


On how much the Browns CBs can help elevate the defense:

“I think we can be dominant. You can never have enough corners. All of those guys can play. Everybody can play. They have shown that. Everybody just has to come out here and compete, do our job and everything else will take care of itself.”


On continuity in defensive coordinator’s Joe Woods second year in the scheme:

“Definitely just with Joe Woods and our entire staff coming back, I definitely enjoy that and not having to learn a whole new playbook. We are familiar with it, besides the new guys, and can catch on to things fast and new things that they may want to put in.”


On if the Browns defense will be more reflective of Woods’ vision with the new additions:

“Yeah, I believe so. It is not that we did not have the guys last year, as well. We had good guys, good players last year, as well, who was able to produce and get us as far as we got. Definitely with the guys this year, we are able to do a lot of things, and I am sure Joe is going to take advantage of that.”


On the addition of S John Johnson III:

“He is already showing that he is a leader on this team. He is communicating out there and getting guys in position to play, and he is making plays out there. It is going to be good having him on the team.”


On if his agent has had talks with the Browns about a possible contract extension:

“Yes, he has. He is having some talks.”


On if he would like to get a contract extension before the season starts to avoid any potential distraction:

“It is not a distraction to me. I am going to let my agent take care of that. I am focused on playing ball. I am here on the Cleveland Browns. I am just glad to be back in the building here in minicamp with all the guys ready to play. I am focused on playing football and not really worried about anything else.”


On how much he loves playing for the Browns and if in a perfect world he would love to finish his career in Cleveland:

“Perfect world, I would definitely want to be a Brown for my entire career. I am from Cleveland. The team that drafted me. The team that believed in me coming out of college and I take a lot of pride and respect into that. Just want to give my all to this team. It is definitely a place I would want to be. I enjoy being a Cleveland Brown and giving them everything I got.”


On if he would also be excited to potentially bring a Super Bowl to his hometown of Cleveland:

“Definitely. Just have to take it a day at a time, though. A day at a time.’


On why it was important to be at OTAs in recent weeks:

“Definitely from a leadership aspect, I feel like just guys being able to see older guys, as well, going out to practice, competing and still trying to get better, I think it is big, but I still wanted to come in and work on my craft, work on my game, get with the guys, continue to learn the playbook and continue to run the plays. I feel like I got a head start coming into this minicamp, and once we get back, going into camp.”


On his reaction to the Browns and Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager bringing in multiple free agents and draft picks on defense:

“I was excited about it. I feel like he made some great moves. The entire organization made some great moves and some great additions to the team that can help this team out.”


On if he believes the Browns and ‘neck and neck’ with the Chiefs following last year’s loss in the playoffs:

“Yeah, I definitely believe so. I do not see why not. I feel we can beat that team, and we can beat whoever we line up against. We just have to do our job and everything else will take care of itself.”


On adding DEs Jadeveon Clowney, Malik Jackson and Takk McKinley to the pass rush and how it affects pass coverage:

“Man, that is huge. We need those guys. Those guys, like you said, we are a tandem, and it works together so you can never have enough great pass rushers, and that is what those guys are. Looking forward to seeing those guys get after the quarterback and make my job easier in the backend.”


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