CB Denzel Ward (4.20.22)

On sticking around with the Browns for a while:

“That is the plan. That is the plan.”


On when he knew a contract extension was close to occurring:

“Probably like the week of – a couple of days before. The talks were picking up and just constant conversation between my agent and Mr. (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew) Berry. I knew it was kind of getting close and then the day came. It is crazy.”


On how meaningful is the Browns’ commitment to and investment in him:

“It means a lot. I tweeted about. I told them that just the fact that they are continuing to believe in me and believe in a kid who grew up in Ohio and went on to play for his home town team and them trusting my abilities, what I can do for this team and what I can do in this community. I am blessed. I just want to continue to give back. I want to continue to show that I am that guy and that I am deserving of this. It is not just for me. I am just excited.”


On his family’s reaction to the contract extension:

“Crying. Excited. Jumping around. Everybody is excited, and they should be. Just excited for my family. Excited for my mom.”


On if he has a good Mother’s Day gift planned for his mom, Nicole:

“It is definitely in the works. I can’t talk about it yet, though (laughter).”


On what more he wants to do for the Browns and Northeast Ohio after signing the contract extension:

“All of it starts with the work. I feel like I have been showing that since I have been here, but I am going to continue to work and be myself and be the person who I have been since I came to this organization. I am going to be able to do more things and expand out in the community, and that is one of my biggest things, as well, with my [Make Them Know Your Name] foundation and things that we have going around Cleveland. I am coming up with different ideas to give back and just be a positive impact.”


On if there is a sense of pride among Browns players now after a number of core veterans have signed contract extensions in recent years:

“There is definitely a sense of pride. Like you said, those are core guys and guys who you see out there on the field making plays. We have to continue to hold that standard and keep it going. Now that we have the contract done and everything, it does not mean we can relax; it means that we have to go harder, if anything, and continue to show why we got it.”


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