CB Denzel Ward (12.8.21)

On being named the Brown’s recipient for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award:

“Definitely honored to represent Cleveland and my foundation for such a prestigious award. Just a great opportunity. I am looking forward to any opportunities to give back to the community, and glad to see it is paying off.”


On being one of five former Ohio State players in the NFL to be recognized for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award:

“That is a lot what those guys taught us back there at Ohio State, just being good men in the community and giving back. Like I said, finding ways to give back in the community and excelling as well on the field, but also in the community.”


On what he believes his late father, Paul G. Ward Jr., would say to him about winning the Browns Walter Payton Man of the Year Award:

“I think he would be proud. It is honestly sad. I wish my foundation did not have to start for the reason that it did. It was inspired obviously from my father passing. I think he would definitely be proud. Just looking forward to continue to build on the foundation and be an impact in this community.”


On his mother’s and brother’s reaction to learning about the award:

“They were definitely excited. It is a big credit to my mom. She is the backbone of the foundation, and my brother as well and the rest of my family. They do a lot of planning, and we do a lot of talking and going over with the rest of my team, as well. I have more members on the team. Just trying to find ways to impact this community and do good. Be a better person.”


On if his mother said anything of note after learning about the award:

“She was just full of joy, laughing, smiling and just receiving a lot of text messages and calls. I was happy for her. She deserves it definitely. She should be standing up here with me explaining and talking about this, but she definitely deserves it.”


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