CB Denzel Ward (12.27.20)

CB Denzel Ward:

On today’s loss and being shorthanded due to Browns players being placed on reserve/COVID-19: 

“It was a very tough loss. Every loss is a tough loss. We all play this game to win the game. We can’t make excuses about guys being out. Players have to step up. Personally, I know I did not play my best game, and I am one of the reasons that we did lose this game. I need to play better, and this was not one of my best games.”

On the coverage during the TD pass to NY Jets TE Chris Herndon:

“Have to be on that. Have to be on that.”

On what the coverage should have been on the TD pass to Herndon:

“Just have to be on it. Have to be on it.”

On what he could have done better, given he said he needed to play better today:

“I just did not play that well – just technique wise and coverage wise. Just have to watch the film, get better and come back better next week.”

On if there was a particular play in mind that he wishes he played better:

“Just throughout the entire game, there were just things that I should have done better and plays I should have made. Just have to go back and critique myself. I know from the performance I had and how I feel that I did not play a good game.”

On how strange or difficult the past 24 hours were:

“It was different, but that is all of 2020. All of 2020 has been very different for a lot of people. We are not making excuses. They got us. They beat us. On to the next week.”

On having several Browns players on reserve/COVID-19 this week due to close contacts after previously not having any placed on the list for that reason:

“It happens. That is life. I know those guys wanted to be out there and playing with everybody, but some things are out of their control. That is what happened. Just have to go with it from there.”

On the Browns placing their focus to Steelers game next week, knowing the team controls its own destiny to enter the playoffs:

“Our focus is on Pittsburgh now. Just have to go into the work week focused and critique ourselves from this past game, watch Pittsburgh and go in there and try to pull out the win.”

On entering into Week 17 facing the division rival Steelers with a playoff spot on the line and the team having its fate in its own hands:

“It feels good. Like you said, we have our fate in our hands. We just have to going and take care of business next week. Everybody come in locked in and focused and see where we are at the end of the year.”

On the incomplete pass early in the game that could have been a strip-sack for DE Myles Garrett:

“I thought it was a play for us, and I thought the call was opposite of what the refs had called. We just have to play the next play. If we do not get the call, we do not get the call.”

On how the Browns handled adversity this week and how Browns players potentially being out for several days this week will impact the team’s preparations for Week 17:

“Our main focus is on winning the game, and we failed to do that this week. That is what our main focus is. Things are going to happen in life, and we just have to put our focus on Pittsburgh now and take care of business next week.”

On his message to QB Baker Mayfield after the loss:

“We all played a part in it. It is not just Baker. We all played a part in it. We just have to come back better next week, like I said. It is definitely not just on him.”

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