CB Denzel Ward (12.20.22)


On the impact Saints WR Jarvis Landry had on the Browns locker room while with Cleveland:

“He had a huge impact. I feel he was one of those guys who helped kind of turn this organization around and brought a lot of wins to this organization. He is a leader on and off the field and made plays. Wish he was still here, but he is a great player, a great person and is a good guy.”


On what he remembers about Landry’s ‘it’s contagious’ speech that was aired on Hard Knocks:

“It blew up (laughter). It was funny seeing that. That just showed the type of guy that he is. Everybody was listening in on him and just feeding into everything that he has talked about.”


On Landry always being competitive in practice:

“Yeah, no question. You couldn’t take any days off with him. You had to lock in. He gave you those game reps that you looked for going against a guy like that to get you ready for the game.”


On if he stays in touch with Landry:

“Definitely a guy I stay in touch with, yeah.”


On the challenges for CBs when the temperatures drops and wind picks up:

“I don’t think the weather is the challenge. I think it is more so the team trying to beat us, the receivers and quarterbacks and everything. That is more so our focus is focus on the task at hand, and that is going against the Saints and the difficulties they may bring. I don’t think the weather will be a big issue.”


On if he has a relationship with Saints WR Chis Olave, given they both played at Ohio State:

“No, I was long gone. I watched him from a distance, though.”


On Olave:

“He is a great receiver – came from the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is a good player, a fluid route runner and a good player for those guys.”


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