CB Denzel Ward (12.20.20)

CB Denzel Ward:

On returning from injury to play in tonight’s game:

“It felt great to be back out there. I just have to get my wind back a little bit, but it was good being back with the guys out there.”

On whether there were any effects from the calf:

“No, just getting my wind back. My calf and everything felt great. I felt good.”

On how long drives by the Browns offense helps the Browns the defensive side:

“It helps us a lot. We are able to catch our breath, go over some plays that their (Giants) offense might have ran and communicate and talk about that and be able to go out there and be on the same page once we get back out there.”

On the Browns remaining focused on one game at a time but if he also considers the significance of the team winning 10 games, particularly as a Cleveland native:

“Definitely. We just enjoyed it in the locker room. We realize our record, but we have to finish the season strong, and like you said, take it one game at a time. Focus on the next game now and do it over again.”

On if the team was aware of the potential implications of a loss tonight, given other AFC Wild Card contenders won this week:

“We do not think about that. We are just focused on going in and finding a way to get the win.”

On if the Browns followed other AFC games today and paid attention to the results during the day:

“We just focus on us. We have to take care of our job and our assignment. Everything else will take care of itself at the end of the season. We are not really too worried about what other people are doing, but just focus on going in and getting a win ourselves.”

On the NY Giants’ offensive gameplan:

“It was decent. It was decent. We were just more so focused on what we had to go do and executing our job and assignment.”

On if the NY Giants were testing him early in the game to gauge his injury:

“If they were, it is fine with me. I like the ball coming my way and getting the opportunity to make plays on the ball so I was fine with it if that was their gameplan.”

On NY Giants QB Colt McCoy’s performance tonight:

“He was decent. He was decent.”

On the Browns facing adversity once again with G Chris Hubbard and DT Sheldon Richardson sustaining injuries:

“People just have to step up. Pray that those guys get healthy and get back soon. Guys have to step up and come in without losing a step.”

On the atmosphere after the win:

“Everybody is definitely excited. Like I said, we enjoyed it and celebrated in the locker room with all of the guys and the coaches. It is on to the next game now.”

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