CB Denzel Ward (12.17.20)

CB Denzel Ward:

On how he is feeling:

“I feel great. Just glad to be back with the guys, glad to be back on the practice field and working towards game time.”


On if he could have potentially played against Baltimore last week:

“I do not even remember. I am focused on this week and focusing on the Giants.”


On how tough it was to sustain the calf injury after a great performance against the Eagles and when he learned the injury would keep him out for a few games:

“It was very tough to be out of those games and not be out there with my guys. I felt it towards the end of the fourth quarter, but I was just trying to keep my leg loose, kind of just go through it and still be there to finish the game. Afterwards, it was just a little difficult to walk and everything. I thought it was just natural soreness and just being hurt from the game, but once it was like too difficult to walk and then had an MRI, they said I strained it. It was tough, but that is how life goes sometimes. Just fighting hard to hurry up, get healthy and get back out there to play with my team.”


On if may have to shake off some rust this week following the injury:

“We will see come game time. I feel like I am ready. I feel like I am healthy. I got out there to practice today. I was running full speed and was able to cut and do all of the movements I feel I needed to do. I am looking forward to it. Looking forward to getting back out there.”


On NY Giants QBs Daniel Jones and Colt McCoy and what to expect from either one of the two who could start this week:

“They have a talented quarterback. He is able to run as well as pass the ball and make the throws. It is about us, and we just have to do our assignment, do our job and execute and then we will be able to take care of business.”


On if it makes it extra special to be a part of this team as it changes its narrative as a Cleveland native:

“Definitely. Very special to be a part of this group. We are just trying to take it a game at a time. We are not trying to look too far ahead. Just trying to take it a game at a time and see where we are come to the end of the year. I feel that we are definitely changing the narrative of the Browns over the past years.”


On what has learned from defensive coordinator Joe Woods this season:

“I have learned a lot from him and all the coaches. I really appreciate Joe. He has been helping critique my technique, helping me with new techniques and learn different things that I feel that they have helped take my game to another level this year for sure. Just excited to work and work with those guys every day.”


On how hard it was to watch the loss to the Ravens on Monday night and not being able to contribute:

“It was hard. It is hard not being out there on the field with my guys. Like I said, you can only control what you can control. Just trying to get healthy and get back. I am ready now, and take care of business come this week.”


On his reaction this morning when learning NY Giants tight ends coach Freddie Kitchens will call plays on Sunday:

“It was funny. It was funny. That is something like written in a book. He was obviously here and then get to call plays against us so looking forward to that.”


On if Kitchens may have any wrinkles up his sleeve this week:

“Yeah, I am sure he has some trick plays. We just have to do our assignment, stay to our man and take care of business.”


On NY Giants CB James Bradberry’s performance this season, given Bradberry will be unavailable on Sunday:

“I have seen him from afar. He is a talented player, a good player and their cornerback for their team. He has made a lot of plays. I am not sure how much PBUs he has had, I feel like it is up there. I know a lot of us compete and a lot of DBs compete with one another. I hate to hear that he is not playing. Hope he gets back out there soon.”


On if he pays attention to the NFL leaders for passes defensed and if he has a goal to lead the league, given he was in first prior to the injury: 

“I definitely pay attention to it. It is definitely a goal of mine to lead the league and to do what I can to help my team. I know making plays and getting PBUs, interceptions or whatever it might be helps my team win so that is definitely a goal of mine to kind of get back on top and help my team.”


On if he was aware that Ravens CB Marcus Peters appeared to spit in the direction of WR Jarvis Landry in Monday night’s game: 

“This was my first time hearing about that. I have not seen it.”


On his thoughts on someone doing something like that during a football, particularly during the pandemic: 

“I do not have much to say about it. It is not something that is good or something that you want to see in football, if that is the case of somebody spitting on another player. I do not really have too much else to say about it.”


On if he knows Peters personally: 



On if Peters and Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey have ‘personal beef’ with Landry and WR Odell Beckham Jr.: 

“You would have to ask those guys. I am not sure about it.”


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