CB Denzel Ward (11.30.22)


On if QB Deshaun Watson looks like an elite QB in practice:

“Yeah, you definitely see that in Deshaun. We have seen that since camp and even the practices now when we are going against him and he was filling in as the second team quarterback. You see just the passes that he is capable of making, going through his reads and just the type of player that he is.”


On if there is something Watson does better than other NFL QBs:

“Just from what I have seen so far, just his accuracy. He has some pretty good accuracy throwing some great balls in practice that I have seen. Looking forward to seeing that.”


On if there is a specific play of Watson’s that stands out from practice:

“No, not one specifically. Pretty much every one of his balls are accurate and on point. You definitely have to be in good position when going against him.”


On if he has experienced Watson placing the ball where only the receivers can catch it, given CB Martin Emerson Jr.’s comment about that ability:

“Yeah, definitely. Like I said, he is putting the ball where it needs to be. You have to be in pretty good position to make a play on the ball against him.”


On what the Browns offense will look like with Watson at QB:

“I think it will still be good. He is a great quarterback. The offense, they have been trending up – I think we all have. Looking forward to doing big things, but just have to take it a week at a time though.”


On if the team expects a boost with Watson returning from suspension:

“Yeah, definitely. He is a great player, and you can’t go wrong with greater players. Putting him in right there, I think it will be good for us.”


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