CB Denzel Ward (11.16.22)


On if a person can get used to playing in cold, snowy conditions, given he grew up in Northeast Ohio:

“Yeah, I am used to it. I like it, and I like playing in it. I like the weather. I like everything about Cleveland. Yeah, I am used to it to answer your question.”


On Bills QB Josh Allen:

“Definitely tall in stature. A big quarterback who can stand in the pocket and make all of the throws. Has a strong arm. He gets his playmakers the ball. Throws a good ball. He is a playmaker for those guys, and the offense goes through him.”


On preparing to play a game in snowy and unpredictable conditions:

“I think we have a lot of practice here in Cleveland with different conditions and the weather. Whatever the conditions are, whether it is snowing or the wind blowing hard, I think we will be ready. Some guys wear different things, whatever you feel comfortable with. I think we will be good, though.”


On how he personally played last week and how he is feeling physically:

“I feel that I didn’t do enough to help the team win. I have to go back and see what I can do to help take the ball away, get takeaways and just make plays for this team to put us in a better position to win the game.”


On if there is a level of excitement to see QB Deshaun Watson return to practice today:

“Definitely. You guys already know what type of quarterback he is. Definitely exciting getting him back. Looking forward to seeing him out there today and getting him out there for the games.”


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