CB Denzel Ward (11.16.20)

CB Denzel Ward:

On if it is concerning that another Browns player tested positive for COVID-19: 

“Yeah, it is a concern for us and everybody else in the world. That is the world we live in right now. As a team, we are just trying to do as best as we can so if someone does get it to limit the amount of people that that gets it. Just trying to stay safe and continue to wear masks. If someone is down, then it is next man up.”


On missing Friday’s practice during the contact tracing process and not being cleared in time to return to practice: 

“Just waiting to hear back to see what the results were going to be, being a close contact to someone that tested positive. Just waiting to hear back from the training staff and the NFL. Luckily, tested negative. Just prayers up for the guy that did test positive for him and his family.”

On if he was surprised that he was considered a close contact for the player that tested positive last week: 

“No, I was not surprised. Me and that guy’s locker, it is not directly next to each other but we are in close proximity of each other where we can speak to each other and hear each other. I was close enough so I was not surprised by that, though.”

On what his typical day looks like when away from the facility: 

“For me personally, I just hang out at home really and just chill. I do not do too much outside of the facility. Just try to stay out of the way really. Do not get myself any closer to anyone or come into contact with someone with COVID or anything. Just really staying out of the way, go home and watch film and wait for the next day of practice.”

On if his typical daily routine has changed due to COVID-19, including going out for dinner in the past: 

“Yeah, a regular day in times back then yeah, I used to go out to dinner, hang out maybe with some teammates or hang out with some friends. That is just not how it is right now with COVID. If we want a season and want to continue to keep a season, those are some of the things that you can’t do anymore. Just have to stay safe and stay out of the way.”

On what Browns veterans can do to reach out to the younger player to make sure that they feel connected and doing OK when they may be more isolated than past seasons: 

“I think we are all still connected. We are all on virtual meetings and can still communicate with one another. We are able to see each other that way. Even though we may not be in meeting rooms or be directly next to each other, we are still able to see and talk to each other just like this virtual Zoom and FaceTime.”

On S Ronnie Harrison Jr. and how Harrison is meshing with the Browns defense: 

“Ronnie has meshed very well. You guys see he is out there making plays all over the field. He is a great addition to defense and in our secondary. Like I said, he has been making plays everywhere and doing his job. When everybody does their job, we win. Puts us in the best position.”

On seeing the Browns DL get more sacks the past two games and if it offers encouragement the unit is finding its groove:

“Yeah, definitely. Those guys are playmakers up front. We all know that they are capable to get to the quarterback and rush just as anybody else. We have a lot of faith in those guys, I know those guys can ball out, night in and night out.”

On the biggest difference in run defense during yesterday’s game compared to the Raiders game with similar weather conditions:

“It is just a lot of self-inflicted things really. We went back and seeing from that Raiders game what we could fix, things that we messed up on and just being able to get into practice and fix those things and come into next game and fixing those assignments and a better outcome this time.”

On if he ‘perks up’ more when facing an opponent that has a higher tendency to turn the ball over:

“Every game, our goal and our mindset it to go in looking for opportunities to get the ball and create turnovers. Guys have to show night in and night out. Whether they have tendencies of something before, it is a new game come next game, and we have to find a way to get the ball and attack the ball, regardless of who it is.”

On how exciting is it for the Browns to be 6-3 and playing meaningful football games for the second half of the season:

“Yeah, it is fun. Every game is meaningful football. At the beginning of the season, you want to try to win every single game, but it is big for the City of Cleveland just having a winning record, one, so do not want to take that lightly for anybody. Just trying to keep it up, stay focused and take it one game at a time.”

On how much is fighting through adversity is a reflection of Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and where the Browns’ resiliency is coming from this season:

“Yeah, definitely coming from the coaching staff and they are teaching us that throughout practice and throughout offseason and all of that. They are doing a great job of just teaching us next man up, whatever it may be. Everybody can play so when guys get in, they are doing their assignments. May be some setbacks, but guys stepped in well.”

On defending the passing game with yesterday’s weather conditions:

“Yeah, the wind was blowing a little hard. Actually, at the beginning of the game when they were singing the national anthem, that is when the weather was the craziest of the game but then we went back in, so I was hoping we could play in that. Once we got back out, it really was not as bad as when the national anthem was playing. The wind did pick up a little bit, but it was not too bad. It was fun.”

On if he wanted to play in the inclement weather that occurred during the national anthem that caused a delay:

“I do. I do. That is what football is all about.”

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