CB A.J. Green (8.6.22)


On his experience with more playing time on defense last season:

“My experience last season was just going out there, and in the DB room, we have a thing of holding up the standard so whether it is (CB Denzel) Ward out there or me, we all know we have to play our best. I feel like I just had to rise to the occasion.”


On what he learned last year with more playing opportunities:

“Something I learned just from being around is the best ability is availability. Just being able to be available and at a service to those guys when they go down, might need a break, a rest or anything. Aside from that, you just kind of learn different things, different quarterbacks, different looks and stuff that you pick up on, and that is carried across the league. Just being in that room and in the DB room helped me a lot. That is a credit to (assistant defensive backs) Coach (Brandon) Lynch and (pass game coordinator/defensive backs) Coach (Jeff) Howard.”


On CB Greg Newsome II’s comment that he is talented enough to start for other NFL teams:

“Greg is a good dude. I appreciate that. I am where my feet are. When my number is called, just know I will be ready. I appreciate him for that. Greg is a good dude. It is good to have him around. I feel like we have a good DB room as a whole.”


On if it gets frustrating that he may not get as much playing time as with another team due to the Browns’ talent at CB:

“It does not get frustrating because at the end of the day, it is not like those guys are slacking or anything. Those guys, they come here and work. We all work. Whether it is them in the game or it is me in the game, like I said, we all have a standard we have to hold up to.”


On if it is difficult to continually improve with fewer reps than other CBs:

“I would not say that it is difficult. I can learn from their mistakes. Mental reps are something that is big. Watching them from the sideline, if it is something that I see, when they come back to the sideline, I will let them know or I am right there next to the coach. I can kind of see things from a different perspective, and we can talk football at that point.”


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