Cardinals WR Christian Kirk (10.17.21)

On playing today with unknowns throughout the week:

“There were a lot of variables coming into this week. Things that we could have used as excuses if the outcome went the other way today, but we mended together. My thing and the way I thought about it was we are a good enough team. As long as we can line up 11 on each side of the ball, we have a chance. Just the leadership and the type of guys that we have in this locker room, and the people who stepped up today – just really showed the resiliency of this team and how good we can be.”


On if this game cements the belief how good the Cardinals are:

“We have seen it in earlier games. You face adversity every Sunday and we have responded really well to it. I think that is why coming into today, nobody had the belief that we were not going to win this game. We have that confidence every single Sunday and I think that helps out with us.”


On the difference in the communication today with Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury not calling plays:

“It was definitely different, but I have to give a special shout out to (Assistant Wide Receivers Coach) Spencer Whipple. A special guy and special coach. A guy, especially us receivers, love working with. The fact that he stepped in, took over the reins and did not blink and went out there and called the right plays. Kept us in front of the chains and listened to the guys on the side line and just making sure guys were comfortable with what we were running. He did a great job.”


On if there was a different feel with how the plays were called:

“No. It was different in the sense of obviously Kliff not being on the side line. For me, when I was looking at the side line and I did not see Kliff and it was definitely odd. But like I said, there were so many people who stepped up. In regards to how the game was called, the game plan is the game plan. We all have a good feel in certain situations on what plays are going to be called. Obviously Kliff develops that. We practiced it all week. Spence did a good job with sticking to it, but also being able to change on the fly.”


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