Cardinals QB Kyler Murray (12.15.19)

Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray


On how nice it was to get a win:

“It’s refreshing. Used to feeling that feeling. Not getting too high, not getting too low, but obviously we’re going to cherish this one. We play the Seahawks next week, a great team, so we got to be ready to play.”


On what impressed him most about RB Kenyan Drake:

“I think just how versatile he is. He really can do it all. He has speed, elusiveness, can make people miss and catch the ball. There’s not much he can’t do when put in the right situation, and I think you saw that in the first game against San Fran. Kind of funny, we talked about him going off last night, and he did.”


On whether he is pleased with how he and the offense responded in this game:

“Definitely. O-line played great, obviously the running backs ran the ball well. For me personally, just trying to get the receivers the ball and allow them to do what they do and make plays, and they did that. I think if I take care of the ball, that just allows us to be in a great position. Our defense played well today, backed us up all day, and I think we just played really good complementary football, which is what you have to do.”


On what he talked about with Kenyan last night:

“He hadn’t scored since the first drive since he got here. He had one (touchdown) all year until today, so just getting back on track and playing well.”


On Drake going 14 games without a win:

“Yeah, it’s tough. I would probably go crazy to be honest.”


On what it was like playing against Browns QB Baker Mayfield:

“He’s on offense and we’re on defense. I needed to cheer) them to get after him of course. I think we got him once. It’s always great to be on the same field as him, see him compete, see him play, because I don’t get to watch him a lot. Just us getting to play across from each other is pretty special, considering the fact that we’ve been through so much. It’s special.”


On what it means to get the win over Baker:

“It is what it is. We came to play today and we got the win and it was a good win.”


On what he and Baker talked about after the game when they exchanged jerseys:

“We couldn’t really say too much.”

On whether there was a time today where he felt like Kliff was in a rhythm as a play caller:

“Yeah, honestly, that first drive. He kind of kept rattling off and I was like, alright, let’s run, let’s go. And we did that. We scored pretty quickly and I could kind of feel what kind of day it was going to be from that point on.”


On greeting the special teams unit after the first touchdown and whether that is something he’s trying to do more of:

“We haven’t scored that much. We have, but it’s different when you’re winning, and you could just tell today that it felt different from the get-go. When we score, I try to always show love when we do put the ball in the end zone.”


On whether he thought he was going to score on his 35-yard run:

“I thought I had a chance. The safety had an angle on me, that’s why I had to cut it back, but we executed that play well.”


On what he has seen from TE Dan Arnold in the short time he has been here:

“This past week if you were at practice he made a couple of freakish catches. He didn’t take the team by surprise but everybody was kind of on notice of what he was doing at practice. Running scout team last week and getting more plays this week, it was kind of fitting that he came in the game and got his opportunity and made a play.”


On if Dan Arnold was his first read on the touchdown throw:

“No. I’ve never had a guy that big that can do what he can do. It’s pretty nice.”


On when he knew that the playbook was clicking for Kenyan Drake:

“Probably his second or third week here. I don’t think it’s a very hard offense for him to grasp. Obviously now he’s pretty fluid in it. Feels comfortable. For him, he’s just playing fast right now. He’s playing well.”


On if the team will get a victory Monday:

“Yeah. I’ll be busy but it’s nice to have it in the back pocket.”


On what was going through his head when the crowd starting chanting “Larry”:

“I looked at C-Kirk (Christian Kirk) the first time it happened and just started shaking my head because everybody loves Larry. I’m with him every day. He’s a character. To be honest I don’t think it will be (his last season). That’s just what I feel like.”


On how much time he spends watching the defense when he’s on the sideline:

“I don’t know, it depends on what vibe I’m on. If I’m sitting down and we’re playing well on defense, I’ll usually try to stay down, if I stand up and something good happens, I’ll try to stay up.”

On if he was watching more today because of Browns QB Baker Mayfield:

“A little bit.”


On what he has learned from Larry Fitzgerald from a leadership perspective:

“He tells me all the time, it is my team. That’s what he tells me. Whether he means it or not, I just take it day by day. Try to come in and get better each and every day and win on Sundays. That’s what it’s really all about and that’s what we did today.”