Cardinals QB Kyler Murray (10.17.21)

On how well he functioned with all of the adversity:

“I thought for the most part that it was solid. Two turnovers that we did capitalize on – we kicked two field goals. In the second half, I think we had two three-and-outs, but we stuck with it. (Cardinals Assistant Wide Receivers Coach Spencer) Whipple kept calling aggressively, and we made it happen. We ran the ball well. We converted on third down when we needed to. I thought it was a total team effort today, and it was a great job by the team.”


On if he was concerned about not having Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury today:

“After Friday practice when we had the tests, I said something to the quarterbacks and (Cardinals Quarterbacks Coach) Cam (Turner) that it would suck if someone gets it and then Kliff and Cam got it. I think once we got the news, it was just an opportunity and kind of exciting to go out and prove ourselves on the road against a great team. I think with the guys, you could feel the energy all week at practice. It was a great week. Coming on the road, us versus them, it was a good game.”


On Whipple calling the game:

“He was calm and cool the whole game. He did not panic. We made him right whenever he called it aggressively. We were behind him. Regardless of the call, we were going to go out there and execute. Obviously, that is a great defense and a great team. They are going to make plays. We had a lot of plays I felt like that we left out there. They are going to make plays because they are a great team. It is what it is.”


On how a lot of Cardinals players and coaches worked to keep the game on track today:

“Credit to [the Cardinals coaches and players] and all of the guys that had a hand in helping. They made sure that I was getting call signals and all that. The operation was very smooth. For us to not have Coach Kingsbury, the operation was very smooth on the road.”


On whether the four fumbles will gnaw at him:

“Not at all. I’m not too worried about it.”


On whether the events of the last 24 hours took a mental toll on the team:

“Like I said, I think we were excited. The odds seemed kind of stacked against us. For us, it was pretty much an opportunity to come out here and prove ourselves against a good team. We had to come out here and handle it the way we needed to handle it.

Like I said, that is a good team over there. We prepared well for them. It is on us to give them our best.”


On checking at the line more than usual and if he was seeing things more than usual:

“Maybe. Probably not having a coach out there let me have a little more leeway. I guess they did give me a little more freedom for whatever I did see to go with it. That is what they were saying the whole time. Whatever you see, go with it. I stick with that same rule. If it makes sense, you have a plan, but you have to go with it. I think we did a great job. I forget how much time we had in that fourth quarter drive, but we ran it all the way down and leaned on them. Like I said, that is a great defense so that is exciting to see.”


On the conversations with Kingsbury after the game:

“He was just excited. I could not really hear him on FaceTime. It was pretty loud in the locker room, but I know he is excited for sure.”

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