Cardinals LB Jordan Hicks (10.17.21)

On facing adversity:

“It is just the resiliency of this team. We come out here every single day, every week, and we don’t worry about what’s going on around us. We focus on ourselves. Executing the game plan, and putting ourselves in positions to execute the details of the game plan the coaches are giving us. We don’t waver. When you see this team and when you see the leadership of this team, I think that’s the mark that’s been imprinted at this point. Obviously, missing key guys and the guys that come in don’t flinch.”


On pressure on the defense to perform with HC Kliff Kingsbury being out as the offensive play caller:

“That wasn’t the talk. At the end of the day, it’s never about them or what they do. We have one standard and we expect to play up to it. Coming in to the half, those last two drives weren’t our standard. Coming back in (to the second half), we made the adjustments. The leadership held each other accountable coming in to that second half, and we dominated.”


On keeping Browns RB Kareem Hunt in check:

“(Browns QB) Kareem (Hunt) is extremely talented. We watch the film on him and he is breaking tackles. He’s physical, he can catch the ball. He’s very versatile. We knew we had to stop the run first, and we put a premium on that.”


On ranking this Cardinals teams to other teams he has been on:

“I don’t like to compare the teams – it’s completely different. The constant that I see is the ability to overcome adversity, the leadership, and at the end of the day, to not let things around you impact what’s going on, on the field. Good teams are able to overcome adversity, and win games that many people doubt that they are going to win. A lot of times in this league, it comes down to one drive on the end and the difference is very miniscule in the NFL. Good teams are able to overcome adversity and that’s what we were able to do today.”


On the Browns’ Hail Mary and DC Vance Joseph taking the blame for it:

“With three seconds left (in the quarter), we knew that they only had one play left. It’s tough. To me, it’s all about the players. I understand (DC) Vance (Joseph) is saying but we had opportunities to sack (Browns QB) Baker (Mayfield) and to not let him pop the pocket. I think (LB) Isaiah (Simmons) and I could have been deeper – we were in no man’s land. Then at the point of attack, you’ve got to make the play. As I said, we came into the locker room after that and we addressed it. It was one play and we move on. We were able to respond and not let that impact us going into the second half.”