C Nick Harris (5.25.22)

On if anything is different at practice this week compared to the past when working with the first team:

“No, I think the main thing is just getting back into the swing of things and getting back with the whole offense, just refining all those details of the offense with all of the new guys that we got. No, it is nothing different personally for me, but it is good to get back out here, start running plays and get that cohesiveness in the unit.”


On how he has improved in the past two seasons:

“I think it is just the amount of reps I get in practice. Playing behind (former Browns C) JC (Tretter), I learned a lot. He is a veteran center – I personally think one of the better centers in the NFL – so playing behind him, learning how he is in the meeting and learning his tricks and his tools that he has learned over his career helped me tremendously. Like you mentioned, the amount of reps that I have taken against top-tier talent out here on defense, it has helped me tremendously. Then getting those couple of games that I have played, playing against Green Bay, it made me feel like I belong. It felt good to be playing center, getting out there and doing what I do.”


On how much has being around veterans on the Browns OL has helped him develop:

“I think my comments that I made towards JC goes for the other vets, too. Those guys, (G) Joel (Bitonio), let’s be honest, he is probably one of the best to play the position. The way he comes to work every day he is a consummate pro. I try to model my days after how he does with his extracurricular routines and stuff like that. (G) Wyatt (Teller) how intense he is in practice, how intent he is in practice and how aggressive he plays the game, I try to model that. Even (T) Hub (Chris Hubbard) and how he approaches everybody from a personal aspect, how he can talk to everybody and then even his game. He is a vet so he has seen some things that I try to take out. I know he plays tackle and I play center, but at this position, you can take something from everybody. It is a lot of things I can take from those guys.”


On what the Browns’ decision to move on from Tretter says about the confidence the team has in him:

“I come here every day just trying to get better. I am just trying to battle myself every day and compete with myself in the practice reps that we get. We have one of the best offensive line coaches (Bill Callahan) in the game so I think he has helped me tremendously with my game. Whatever is presented to me, I think I am ready for the opportunity. I am just excited to get the whole unit cohesive and just get rolling.”


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