C JC Tretter (7.29.21)

C JC Tretter:

On the importance for the Browns and QB Baker Mayfield to have continuity on the OL:

“The more comfortable you are with each other, the more you know just naturally where their feet are going to be, how they are going interpret looks and how they are going to interpret the calls. It just helps a ton because especially now with fans back in the stands, it will be a little louder. That communication will be a little more difficult so having that understanding and having everybody think the same way will just make everything a little easier.”

On his relationship with Mayfield:

“Since he got here, we have really good about during game weeks, sitting down together and talking through looks. Making sure he understands, ‘Hey, this is how I am going to start the call. This will be your check off of it.’ The same way, he can tell me, ‘This is where I would like you to start it. If I make this call, get it to this.’ That way, we just have that communication. We have been working on that for years now. The longer we stay together, the easier those communications and that work together is.”

On seeing Mayfield in Year 2 of the same offensive system for the first time:

“Baker looks great. He really over the last year now just really turned a corner, both in his preparation and he has always been a great leader for us, but I think even his leadership has taken a step. That is what you expect with young guys coming in the league. As they age, all of that stuff improves. The command of the huddle, the command of the offense and the command of the team has just continued to improve year after year, and having that comfort of being in the same system will be good for him.”

On modifying how much further along the team is now heading into the season in comparison to a year ago:

“It is tough to quantify, but I think even though we are in the same system, it comes down to starting over again. Everything we did last year does not matter when we step back out on that field. We have to earn everything back again. We talk about expectations and outside expectations, even if they are positive, they do not give you any boost and they do not spot you seven points when the game starts. You have to go out there and earn it again. That is the focus of good teams is being able year after year to come back and realize nothing is given to you, and if you want to be good again, you have to put the work in. That starts during training camp and rolls through the whole entire season.”

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