C Ethan Pocic (8.14.22)


On if it was somewhat of a shock to be on the field at Jacksonville after two plays following the injury of C Nick Harris:

“I knew I was going to play. I think it all just comes back to preparation – preparing and staying ready at all times.”


On his performance at Jacksonville:

“There is always stuff to clean up. That is what today is all about is going and cleaning up some mistakes, whether it be technique or whatever it may be and cleaning it up so you can move forward.”


On how tough it was to see Harris sustain a knee injury early in the game at Jacksonville:

“That is tough because he worked so hard and he is a great player. I just hate to see it.”


On his familiarity with wide zone running scheme before joining the Browns:

“I have run wide zone scheme in college and the NFL, too.


On running more of the wide zone scheme with the Browns:

“I am still definitely learning some new techniques and stuff too, but I like it a lot.”


On working with offensive line coach Bill Callahan:

“It has been great. I am just coming in with the approach to learn really. Just learning day by day, one day at a time.”


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