Buccaneers QB Tom Brady (11.27.22)


On not finishing games:

“We just did not score enough points. Seventeen points is not going to do it and that is basically what we have been doing all year. It is the same thing. Had a chance. Give them a lot of credit. They made some real clutch plays. The fourth-down completion for the touchdown was a great play, but we had our chances. We just did not make the plays and they did.”


On T Tristan Wirfs being carted off:

“It is awful. It is awful for us. It is awful for him. He is a great player for us. The other guys in will have to do a good job, but it is hard to replace him.”


On the swing of emotions being up seven points in regulation and going into overtime with Wirfs getting hurt:

“That is football. I believe you just do the right thing and give yourself an opportunity to win. If you do the wrong thing, it is very difficult. There were too many plays that we were not on the same page and we all were not seeing it the same way. We just have to work on it, talk through it and see if we can improve it.”


On how the Browns covered WR Chris Godwin:

“I have to keep finding ways to give him the ball. There were a lot of tight plays and we obviously did not make any.”


On TE Ko Kieft’s touchdown and his ability to block:

“Versatile player. He has been doing a good job for us when he is in there. He is doing a good job. We have keep finding ways to use everybody and we have to figure out how to make some improvements in a short period of time and try to get back to .500.”


On how important it is from a quarterback standpoint to have a tight end with multiple skill sets:

“He provides blocking in the run game and in the passes. He’s catching the ball and doing a good job there.”


On not having RB Leonard Fournette today with the elements:

“It is important to try to get everybody healthy. Whoever is out there. We are not trying to make any excuses. Whoever is out there, we have to figure out how to get the job done. We all love having Lenny out there. (RB) Rachaad (White) has done a good job for us. We just have to keep trying to give different guys the ball so they can have some production for us.”


On not having timeouts at the end of regulation before the Hail Mary throw:

“It is a tough situation. In the end, they just made the plays and we did not. We had the same opportunities to make plays that they did. They made them and we did not. That is ultimately what football comes down to. Someone has to make them. For every play that you give up on defense, they make on offense and vice versa. They stop you on defense, you do not make a play on offense. Every play is an individual win or loss and we are losing too many.”


On the adversity the Buccaneers are facing with injuries this year:

“It is up to us to change the momentum. I do not think you leave it up to chance. You try to do the right thing every day in practice and every day in the game. You try to do it consistently well over time and we have not done a good job stringing up enough plays together to score touchdowns consistently.”


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