Browns Players (12.12.21)

CB Denzel Ward:

On the Ravens’ last offensive play:

“We were in zero coverage. He (Ravens WR Rashod Bateman) just tried to hesitate and then run a quick slant. I was able to get my eyes on it, drive on it and make the play.”


On if he saw something that he knew a quick slant was coming on the play:

“No, I just went through my keys that we were taught. I was able to attack on it and get him down before he got the first down.”


On if he is playing his best ever this past month:

“I would have to see. I do not know. I would have to compare, I guess. It depends on what you are comparing it to. I am just really focused on winning, trying to win the game and get to the playoffs.”


On what he was thinking when the Ravens recovered the onside kick and what it says that the Browns defense was able to respond with a stop:

“I was excited. I love playing the game of football. Just ready to go back out there, make a play for the team and do what we have to do to get the win.”


On if he had a good view of DE Myles Garrett’s touchdown:

“No, I did not even see what happened. I just turned around and saw Myles running into the end zone so I was cheering and happy.”


On what it says about Garrett to make that type of impactful play after challenging the Browns defense with comments on Friday:

“That is the type of player Myles is. He is the leader for our team. That is what you have to do. He challenged everybody. Even though he challenged us, Myles is going to come in and back it up, as well. He is going to go out there and make plays. We needed it.”

RB Nick Chubb:

On DE Myles Garrett’s touchdown:

“It is one of his great plays, but I missed it completely. I looked up, and we had six points so I liked that. I saw it on replay, and I think he is the only one who knew it was a turnover.”


On if passing early opened the run game more later:

“I think we passed the ball well. I do think that opened up things for us down the stretch in the first half. I thought it went well for us while we were doing it.”


On how incorporating different formations changed preparation during the practice week:

“It does not change much for me because I am in the same spot every time. We have a very smart team on offense, a bunch of mature guys, and we had a big challenge ahead of us with guys down. I think our team handled the adversity well.”


On why the Browns ran the ball better today than the first matchup with the Ravens:

“I think it is a mindset of us not liking how things went last time. Coming out here and having a different mindset and playing better overall. We had a week to digest and make corrections.”


On RB Kareem Hunt sustaining an injury and if Hunt could miss some time:

“He looked fine to me, but I have not really talked to him about details.”

DE Jadeveon Clowney:

On facing Ravens QB Tyler Huntley after preparing to play Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“He is a little quicker. He made the whole defense miss. He juked us all. I said on the sideline that I think we need (Ravens QB) Lamar (Jackson) back out here (laughter). I thought he was quick and just as good.”


On his significant sack late in the fourth quarter:

“I just felt that we needed to make a play. I said somebody needs to make a big play for us right now, we just need a play and I tried to make one.”


On how nerve-recking the last few series of the game were:

“I do not think it was too nerve-recking. It felt like our D was good enough to go out there and get a stop. That is all I kept saying is let’s go out there and finish the game.”


On DE Myles Garrett’s touchdown:

“I thought it was a good play. At one point, I tried tipping it to myself. He got the whole trifecta – the sack, the fumble and the touchdown. A great play from a great player. It is not anything new. He just did it again.”


On showing what he and Garrett can do as a tandem in recent weeks:

“I think it is a combination of everybody out there. I do not think it is one or two guys. We have great speedy linebackers who can get over the top. We just play well as a unit up front. It is just as a whole group together.”

DE Myles Garrett:

On when he knew he was going to score on the fumble-return TD:

“I knew I was going to make a play. I saw JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney) bobbling it, and I was getting ready to block. The ball was on the ground and nobody was going for it so I will take it.”


On his reaction when setting the franchise’s single-season sack record:

“Let us get another one. There was a lot of time left, and it came down to the end. Just trying to make a big play for us.”


On how the team responded since his comments on Friday:

“They came focused on Saturday. Today, we put it all together – offense, defense and special teams.”


On the Browns coming together as the season progresses:

“The standard is being set, and we have to be consistent. We are reaching the height of our abilities and talent. We cannot just be paper champs. We have to prove it on the field. Once I say something and bring intensity, I feel like they match it every time so I have to bring it every time.”


On Ravens QB Tyler Huntley and Clowney saying Huntley may have been faster than Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“The way he looked, he might have been faster than (Ravens QB) Lamar (Jackson). The guy was playing pretty well. He looked like he was not starting his second game of the season. It was good with efficiency and running out when he needed to, and he was ready to take off at any moment.”


On how good DE Jadeveon Clowney has played:

“It has been a one-two punch. I tee off on run, and he goes off on pass. It interchanges. To have someone you count on on the other side and really on the whole D-line, it is beautiful to see. The ones where they are trying to take us out of the game, trying to go quick or trying to double team, we have guys in the secondary to rely on.”