Browns Players (10.9.22)



G Joel Bitonio:

On the Browns’ production in the run game today:

“Having (RB) Nick Chubb helps a lot. We knew they were going to try and stop the run. They had some six-down fronts where they were putting all of the big guys there. They had a couple stuffed up pretty good, but we kept to it.”


On what the Browns need to do to finish close games:

“We just need to find a way to execute. You don’t know when the play is. There could be a play in the first half or third quarter. Obviously, it came down to a field goal today. There is always a play where you just need to find a way to execute. We stress execution for 60 minutes.”


RB Nick Chubb:

On the mindset when the Chargers did not convert on fourth down late in the game:

“We had an opportunity right there at the very end to make something happen. You have to give props to them for holding us, going for it and then holding us to a field goal [attempt]. Props to them. We have to execute better.”


On the Browns’ production in the run game today:

“It is just who we are. Our offensive line does a great job blocking up front, the wideouts blocking outside and me and (RB) Kareem (Hunt). We do a great job running the ball when it is time to run the ball. I think overall as an offensive team, we are really a good team running the ball.”


On the red zone efficiency:

“It worked out for us. We still need more touchdowns. At the end of the day, I think we did some things well, but a lot to work on.”


On if he was surprised the Chargers went for it on fourth down late in the game:

“I was a little surprised. It pretty much put us in field goal range with 10-15 yards. It happened like that. The ball bounced in our favor. We have to execute better.”


On the Browns not being able to finish close games in recent weeks:

“We have to find a way to finish. We are always in position to finish and win the game. Just as a team, find a way to pull through and win the game. We are in a great position the last couple of games to win the game and we did not do it.”


DE Jadeveon Clowney:

On how he feels physically following today’s game after returning from an ankle injury:

“A little sore. Got a little aggravated throughout the game, but I was able to finish the game and compete.”


On if he is only dealing with an ankle injury now:

“Yeah, just an ankle. It was still bothering me during the game, injuries.”


On the Chargers’ success in the running game today:

“No clue. No clue. Beating us. Running it. We had lots of tape. As far as a group, we just need to make adjustments and try to fix it next week.”


On how the Browns defense is playing right now:

“Right now? It is not good. We have names and the pieces on paper, but we have to come out here and put it together. I have been on my fourth team, and this by far one of the [most] talented defenses I have been on in my four I see a lot in this defense, and right now, we aren’t showing up and doing it.”


On if there is a specific issue causing problems on defense:

“I think it is a little bit of all of us, everybody – like everybody. We all just have to lock in, look in the mirror and see what we can do individually and as [a team]. I can’t point fingers at nobody. I am not going to do that. Look into the mirror and see what I can do to help this team and try to focus on myself. If everybody is there looking in the mirror, I think we will be alright.”


DE Myles Garrett

On if not being able to finish a game is getting difficult:

“It would be tough for any team. It is tough in any situation when you lose, but when everything is going your way and you can’t put it away, especially in our case when we had a lot of these types of games this season, it wears on you. We have to put it away, watch the film, see how we can get better and move on. It is one of those games that you have to learn from it and use it as fuel to prepare for the next team.”


On the issues with the Browns run defense today:

“A couple of misalignments. Just not being where you are supposed to be. Normally, it wouldn’t cost us, but they were able to take advantage of some of those mis-lineups. It is hard to say that it is one guy’s fault or another, but we have to communicate. If one guy is out of place and normally another guy fills that same gap but it doesn’t always work like that. We weren’t able to see it when it happened. We are trying to make it better and get better on that side of the ball. We have to fix up some of those leaky lines.”


On if he was surprised that the Chargers ran as much as they did today:

“No. Once they cracked that 75-80-yarder, I knew they were definitely going to lean on it. They felt like they had an advantage on us, being able to attack some of the soft spots on our defense, and that is what they did. They were able to get over 200 yards rushing, and that is completely on us. That is on us the D line, making sure the edges are set and not getting knocked off the ball.”


On how to help turn around the season after the three games slipped away from the Browns and resulted in losses:

“Slipped away or lost, it is the same thing. When you lose, there are always circumstances behind it. Whether it is early or late, it is all in the minor details. That is always what it has been for us. Making sure we are in the right spot, communicating and executing. That is what we have to take care of. That is what we have to get ahead of. We have to take pride in doing our job. Right now, we have to have some more pride.”


On how much it hurts sending Browns fans home disappointed after the loss:

“It hurts more that I have to see the faces of my teammates disappointed that we lost. I don’t have to look all of the fans in the face, but I have to look every one of those guys in the locker room, every one of those players, all of the coaches and those staff members that work so hard and I see every day. The fans, I love the hell out of them and appreciate them. They are reacting to the display that we are putting on. I want to hear them clap and cheer when we do our best for them, but those guys I’m fighting with and for, that is what makes me disappointed.”


On how disappointing it is that the Browns defense doesn’t seem to be taking the desired steps forward in recent weeks:

“We are just up and down right now. We have certain drives and quarters where we are all over it, but then we let off the gas and they take advantage of miscommunication or lack of effort or misalignment. When we are not on the same page as a defense, teams like that and teams that are very talented and have a very competent quarterback who able to make every throw on the field, they are going to take advantage of that. Ekeler played a hell of a game, as well.”


On QB Jacoby Brissett’s no-quit mentality:

“I don’t know a lot of quitters in any sport. I don’t think there are any quitters in that locker room.”


On if he said anything to K Cade York after the final missed FG:

“I saw him once in passing. I gave him a dap and a slap on the back. At the end of the day, I will see him tomorrow, and we will talk about it then. Most guys don’t want to hear about anything after something happens. You are in your own head, going through your own thoughts about the situation and how you could have played it better – everyone is – but just letting him process it and go through his steps in the game and how he can do better and then talk about it tomorrow. He is a competent kicker, a great kicker, I think he will definitely let this pass and move on from it.”


On confidence in Brissett despite the late interception:

“He is better than that. He has shown such awareness and playmaking ability throughout this season. He had one mistake. We got the ball back. We got in position to win, but we didn’t. That is just how it goes sometimes. We were able to do what we could to rectify those mistakes on defense, but we made mistakes on defense and they corrected ours. We are not going to be holding him down because he made one mistake. We all individually made a mistake here or there. It is part of the game, picking each other up and making sure that we are ready to go when time comes.”


On if he thought the 54-yard FG was 100 percent guaranteed to be a make:

“No. I don’t think anything is a sure-fire. Whether it is us making a stop or offense scoring, nothing is 100 percent. There is no guarantee in anything. I have faith in him, and I have faith that he will make the kick. I am sure as hell hoping that he will. At the end of the day, there is a process to it, and anything can happen.”


On how he felt playing in today during his first game following the one-car accident:

“I felt a lot better. I am getting better. It is a process to return to 100 percent. I am just glad to be out there. I don’t want anyone feeling bad for me. I am going out there and giving 100 percent of what I have. I am just glad to be playing football. As long as I am able to move and fight, I will be out there.”


On how close he thought he was to taking down Chargers QB Justin Herbert on a few occasions:

“Within half a step, a half-second. Right there in the red zone, I almost knocked the ball out. There were a couple times I got a hit or was able to pressure. He was able to step up and move out of the pocket so it is hard to make a play on it. We have to find a way to get it done. We as a defensive line have to find a way to get it done.”


On if he believed Emerson set the team up to win with his big play to stop the Chargers on fourth down late in the game:

“Yeah, I think he put us in a good position to win. It was a short field, and the offense had been firing all day so I was definitely thinking that we were going to make it happen one way or another, whether we scored a touchdown or a field goal. IT is the NFL. They get paid to show up and play at a high level as well. Sometimes it goes our way, and sometimes it goes the other way.”


On his reaction when the Chargers went for it on that fourth down:

“I expect him to go for it, but it is still disrespectful towards us. I know he has an offense that was doing well all day and he expects them to get the first down, but to us, that is telling us that he is trying to take advantage of us and we don’t take that very kindly. It is disrespectful to both sides of the ball. He is playing the numbers game. He is thinking analytics wise, like we are far enough to make the stop on defense and get the ball back or get a first down that is two yards away, we have been rushing the ball pretty well and throwing the ball pretty well. At the end of the day, we got the stop, but we have to get the win.”


On what was wrong with the Browns run defense today:

“I couldn’t tell you until I watch the film. There are a couple of things. Same as on the pass defense. You have to be able to be in the right spot at the right time and communicate. Simple stuff. The little things are really killing us and showing up every time we are playing.”


CB Greg Newsome II:

On if it is frustrating or puzzling that the Browns defense played as it did today:

“It is definitely frustrating. We know what talent we have in the building. We are just not showing it every day on Sunday. It is just all about being consistent.”


On if the consistency in practice is there and if it translates into the game:

“I think we practice very well. You have to show up on Sunday with the same enthusiasm, the same effort and just stay locked in. It is all about keeping our eyes right. We have been communicating pretty well lately, but we just need to stay to our techniques and focus when we are out there on the field.”


LB Sione Takitaki:

On how to improve in run defense:

“Just everybody playing consistently. I feel like we did some goods things. They were just really able to run the ball.”


On if somebody has taken more of a leadership role on the Browns defense, especially after losing LB Anthony Walker Jr. to injured reserve:

“I feel like everybody has. As a defense, we have good camaraderie. Next play, best play. We just have to show up.”


On if he was surprised the Chargers went for it on fourth down late in the game:

“Yeah, I was surprised, but we were ready. Obviously, we got the stop and that was exciting, but I was definitely surprised.”


On how frustrating it is being so close in each of the team’s losses this season:

“Obviously, it is frustrating. Tip our hats to those guys. They came out and played. Tomorrow, we will look at the tape and get better. That is all we can do.”


DT Perion Winfrey:

On what the Chargers did to make it difficult to stop the run today:

“I would not say that they were doing anything strange. We were really just hurting ourselves. They were not doing anything that we have not seen. It was really just a matter of stopping it or not.”


On the Browns’ defenses third-down stops in key situations:

“We know that we are a really good defense, and those stops let us know who we really are. Just continuing to have that confidence and get those stops.”


On if the Browns defense is close to being what it hopes to be and executing better:

“Most definitely. It is not like we are getting blown out. It is a couple little things that we need to tighten up and fix. Communication needs to be a little better, and we will go out there and dominate teams like we know how to do.”


On what has to change to clean up mistakes on defense:

“Communication. Communication is key. We have to communicate and focus on what needs to be done, and then go out there and execute. Talk is cheap”


K Cade York:

On if he was surprised the Chargers went for it on fourth down late in the game:

“I was surprised that they went for it on fourth down. I was not shocked to have a chance to go at it.”


On this missed FG at the end of the game:

“I hit it well. My head was still down, and I thought it was going to be dead straight, right down the middle. I looked up, and it was just outside.”


On if there was any wind that affected the last FG attempt:

“It was a little bit left to right. Nothing to affect the ball like that. Just a strong push.”


On why the west end of FirstEnergy Stadium has been more difficult to make FGs recently:

“I would not say that it has been a tough end. I have just missed a couple kicks there.”


On if getting pissed off and moving to the next kick is his same mentality after a miss:

“Yeah, for sure. 24 hours and then get over it. That was my first time ever missing twice in a game. It was not like I went out there telling myself I missed the one before. I hit it hard and strong, but just barely missed it.”


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