Broncos OLB Malik Reed (10.21.21)

On Cleveland’s big plays:

“It definitely was [disappointing]. We want to be a defense that really limits the amount of yards that teams can get against us in the run game. That really gets us going. It’s a little disappointing that we didn’t answer the bell tonight, but we’re going to go back to the drawing board and get it fixed.”


On what he was thinking when Broncos OLB Von Miller went down:

“It was really my heart and my focus. When I saw him down the field, it all goes to him and to make sure he’s okay and good. I said a prayer for him when I saw him go down. The focus is really playing for him. He’s a big part of our defense and a big part of our team – leadership-wise and play-wise. [The focus] is really to play for him and to go even harder when we get out there on the field. Be the best I can be. Be the best version of myself I can be to try and help overcome that.”


On Broncos OLB Jonathon Cooper’s performance:

“Coop (OLB Jonathon Cooper) played tremendous. He was definitely ready. He was called on with the opportunities that he was given. It wasn’t a question. We know what he can do when he touches the field. I feel like he did a great job.”


On Cleveland’s opening drive and if they threw new things at Denver’s defense to keep them off-balance:

“It was things that we saw on film and we watched. I just feel like they did a good job of executing the plays that they were putting out there and doing. Hat’s off to them. They are a great team. They were a playoff team last year so they know how to win games and we were right there at the end. We want to be in the same position as them. We want to be in the playoffs. We want to be a great team. We learn from those things and we try to get better each and every week.”