Broncos OLB Jonathon Cooper (10.21.21)

On being close to QB Case Keenum a few times:

“I was really close. Really close. Really close. I don’t know. I just have to look back at the film and see where I could have seen that split second. They say football is a game of inches and milliseconds, and it really is. I just feel like a lot of those plays could have changed the trajectory of the game and could have given momentum to the team and stuff. I have to look at it to see where I could get better and get there just a little bit quicker. Just a little bit quicker.”


On being able to put himself in a position to make plays:

“Honestly, I just looked back at the last couple of games I played and just really looked at the film and focused on myself. How can I be better? How can I really help this team out? I have gotten close a couple times throughout the season, but I really want to make an impact for this team and this defense. I looked back at the film, and I looked back at the tackles. I feel like I could have taken advantage of them with the moves that I had in store. I focused on this week. I studied film and got my rest. I just went out there and had confidence in myself – obviously my teammates did, too. I just tried to make some things happen.”


On this game being kind of a homecoming for him:

“It was. I love this state. I am from Columbus, Ohio. I played at Ohio State. Being back in this state, this atmosphere and the air, it just kind of felt like home. I took that to the field and tried to play with a chip on my shoulder. It is not exactly where I am from, but it is close enough so I made the most of it.”