Broncos HC Vic Fangio conference call (10.30.19)

Broncos Head Coach Vic Fangio:

On Broncos QB Brandon Allen starting his first NFL game against the Browns:

“They have some really good pass rushes obviously with (DE) Myles Garrett, (DE) Olivier Vernon and (DT) (Sheldon) Richardson. They are ranked high in sacks. They have a good pass rush. They have a good secondary. It is a tall order for him, yes.”


On RB Nick Chubb:

“He leads the league in yards per carry and is second in the AFC in yards from scrimmage. He is a really good back. He obviously is capable of breaking big ones like he did against Baltimore and like he did against New England this past week. He is a back that plays a lot for them. He is capable of staying in there every down. I think he is one of the better backs in the league.”


On what Broncos OLB Von Miller brings to the Broncos defense and if Miller is the key to the defense:

“Von is obviously one of our better players. He has had a great career and is still in the prime of his career. He is a good pass rusher, he plays the run well and we are glad to have him. He is definitely a top player for us.”


On what Allen has shown in practice to provide confidence Allen is ready to start his first NFL game, given the public has not seen much of his play:

“We have not seen a lot of him, either. We picked him up after the last cut, and he only gets the few snaps a week with the first team offense. We put him in there with the scout team some, but we have not seen a lot either. We are all in the same boat. I like the way he has looked when he has been in there in practice. I think he throws a good ball. He has some movement to him. I think that he is confident that he can lead the offense. I think he is going to go into the game looking forward to it and not too anxious.”


On the Broncos defense matching up with QB Baker Mayfield:

“They are a very talented offense and they are very multiple. They operate from under center and from the gun. They make good use of the RPO packages. They have good receivers for him to throw to, obviously with  (WRs Odell) Beckham (Jr.), (Jarvis) Landry and the tight ends. It will be a major chore. They are one of the top running teams in the league, obviously, like we talked about with Chubb. They are a balanced offense and they run it and throw it equally well.”


On challenges Beckham and Landry present:

“Landry is obviously one of the best slots in the league. He always has been since he got in the league. He runs really good routes, has a great feel and a knack for getting open and peeling coverages and when to break and when not to break. Beckham has always been an explosive player. He has tremendous speed, and hands and great route running ability. He is a threat after the catch to take it to the house. He is a good runner after the catch as evidenced by his past exploits as a punt returner. He is also a passer. They throw him something or and give him a reverse, you have to be ready for him to throw a pass. He is very multi-talented and they are really a good combo.”


On if he second guesses himself or would do something different at the end of the Colts game Sunday in retrospect, particularly given Broncos QB Joe Flacco’s comments:

“No, not really. I think Joe’s comments were more of meant to be through basically the whole second half. We had our chances. We just did not get it done.”


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