Bills QB Josh Allen (11.10.19)

Bills QB Josh Allen:

On his level of frustration with the lack of points scored:

“The fact is our defense played extremely well today. They gave us a chance. Everybody knows that you have to score more than 16 to win in this league. We didn’t get that today. We didn’t execute. I have to do a better job finding completions and getting the ball to our guys. When I have deep shots, I have to take advantage and be able to connect on those. That’s something we’re going to work on. Obviously, we’re disappointed with today. We’re going to learn from it. This one hurts because of the preparation that we had, I thought, was good enough. We had a really good week at practice. There were opportunities in that game where I have to be better. I have to put our offense in better situations, and I just didn’t do that today.”


On the last third down to WR John Brown:

“I saw a blitz zero, man-to-man. I trusted our guy. I love John and what he does. I didn’t give him a good enough ball. That’s what it comes down to. I didn’t allow him to make a play on the ball. Obviously, we thought we were good with three there. We wanted to get seven. That’s the goal of every two-minute drive. In the end, secure the three and try to get seven. We could have done a better job of putting the ball in a better position for (K Stephen) Hauschka. Like I said, we just didn’t do that. Put the blame on me. I didn’t play good enough today. I know that.”


On the Browns defense:

“It was nothing we didn’t expect. I trust our guys. They made some plays today, and we made some plays when it counted but not enough.”


On the clock running out late in the fourth quarter:

“It really wasn’t us trying to complete the ball. It was just try and get out a bit and move onto the next one to play our field position”


On improving deep balls:

“If I could pinpoint it, I’d probably be hitting them. I don’t know if I’m super anxious about under throwing it and getting an interception. The ball comes out, it feels good and just carries a little longer than I think. It’s something that I have to continue to work on.”


On ball security plays during practice:

“I have to do a better job, plain and simple. On that third down play, thankfully John was in a good enough position to go and get that with the hustle that he showed. That was a very selfless play from him. I have to be careful of everyone’s arms trying to hit the ball out. You can’t get that great of a practice during practice being a quarterback. They’re swinging a lot harder in games, and they’re a lot bigger and tougher. That’s something that I have to continue to learn and grow from.”


On the last drive:

“We practice those situations all of the time. I don’t think that we would have handled it any differently. (Bills Head) Coach (Sean) McDermott puts us in those situations. Like I said, I don’t think that we would have done anything different there. We have to call the play and complete it, and we didn’t do that.”


On what he was thinking during the last two minutes:

“We knew the line we needed to get to. It was probably 31 or 32. We didn’t get there, but we wanted to give ourselves a chance. Our guys made some plays on the ball. Ultimately, on that last play on third down, I had to do a better job of finding a completion there and allow us to get up a couple more yards to help Steve (Hauschka) out.”


On the biggest obstacle to overcome:

“We have to find ways to complete the ball more. That’s on me. Taking advantage of the opportunities we have down the field. That’s on me. That’s basically what it comes down to. The quarterback gives your team a chance to win in today’s league, and I didn’t make enough plays for our team.”


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