Bills HC Sean McDermott conference call (11.6.19)

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott:

On if teams are defending Bills QB Josh Allen differently from when he was a rookie:

“I do not know. That is probably a better question for defensive coordinators around the league. I would say the more people play, the more they get defended in different ways overall.”


On Allen’s development this season:

“The NFL game is starting to have clarity around it for him, and what you have to do and how you have to play in the NFL as opposed to college.”


On Browns defensive coordinator Steve Wilks:

“I have a lot of respect for Steve Wilks. We worked together, along with (run game coordinator/linebackers coach) Al Holcomb and myself, at Carolina for a number of years. I really had a lot of trust in those two men. They are good people and really good football coaches.”


On Bills RB Devin Singletary returning from injury and his production:

“He is a young man that has good DNA. He works hard. He stayed here over the bye weekend to get himself right, even though he had some prior commitments and family commitments. The game is important to him. Well-balanced in his approach and just a real good teammate.”


On RB Kareem Hunt playing on Sunday and expectations for how Hunt may be used in the offense:

“I think their whole offense presents a challenge when you look at the types of players that they have. Their quarterback, their running backs, their wide outs and tight ends, they have an offense that keeps you up all week.”


On Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and Daboll receiving attention for a head coaching job:

“Brian does a good job. As mentioned, he has been to a Super Bowl before and you guys know him. You learn a lot over your years, and the good coaches are the ones who learn from every situation. Brian has done that. We are fortunate to have him on our staff here. He learned from a real good coach, one of the best if not the best to ever coach in (Patriots Head Coach) Bill Belichick. It is great to be able to share some of that wisdom that he picked up from Coach Belichick.”


On what he expects Bills Mafia to bring on Sunday:

“Just like you guys do over there – you have a passionate fan base – we have a passionate fan base. It is a special fan base by the way the way they show up at home games and the way the support us on the road, as well. That is good to see.”


On how does he like being a head coach after going through the coaching ranks for many years:

“I believe in God, and I believe in myself. I have had a lot of support the entire time, which I am extremely appreciative of.”


On if he wants to confirm that he was in the hunt for the Browns’ head coaching job at one point:

“I am not going to elect to go there. I am happy for (former Browns Head) Coach (Hue) Jackson and I am happy for (Head Coach) Freddie Kitchens. I think he is a good coach.”


On Kitchens:

“He made his way up through the ranks. I do not know him all that well, but I know him enough to know that he seems like a humble man and a good football coach. You just watch what he does on tape, and he is a really good football coach.”


On what makes the Bills defense so good:

“They subscribe to team defense. A very humble group of men that work extremely hard during the week to hone their craft.”


On what it takes to build a culture with a new team :

“I will let you know when I get there (laughter). I think the answer for me is simple: it is people. It is the right people, and I am fortunate here to have a great group of people around me.”


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