Bills HC Sean McDermott (11.10.19)

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott:

On how to turn the offense back around and in the right direction:

“We didn’t score enough points today. There were some good things, but overall [there were] too many opportunities that we didn’t capitalize on. We had some third and manageables in there throughout the game, and we didn’t come away with either the first down or points. We had some penalties in there that also hurt us, I thought. We have to be a threat to score more points.”


On having some third and shorts but going for deep shots:

“We’ll go back and evaluate that.”


On getting run on early in the game and how to fix the run defense:

“[The Browns] are good. They have a lot of talent on that team. We talked about it. They have two good backs, and then they moved the ball on us and we settled in. I thought [we had a] great goal line stand, but overall, obviously not enough to win the game.”


On whether it is perplexing to have to settle in and get run on before it can be fixed:

“Yea, we have to do a better job. [We] have to do a better job, starting with me.”


On clock management at the end of game and kicking a field goal:

“I think we were in range of a field goal, albeit a high field goal range. We have a lot of confidence in (K Stephen) Hausch(ka), so we were at about fourth and three or four there, and wanted to give it a chance to go to extended time if we could.”


On being confident that the Browns could be shut down on the last drive of the game:

“Give them credit. They made the drive to win the game. They made the plays they needed to make.”


On being satisfied with CB Tre’Davious White’s coverage of WR Odell Beckham, Jr., considering that the Browns only scored 19 points:

“At the end of the day, we didn’t do enough. We’ll look at all three phases, opportunities and lessons for us to learn, as we say in the locker room. There are certainly things that come to mind right now. I don’t want to get into them until I watch the tape to be fair. Overall, it wasn’t enough today to win the game, and that’s what we’re here to do is win the game.”


On White handling himself well on the matchup well with Beckham:

“It looked like it. It did. Odell is a tough matchup and Tre, I thought, again without looking at the film, I thought he did some good things out there and battled. Overall, they made the plays that they needed to make.”


On whether the coaching staff talked to Hauschka after he missed the first field goal:

“Just remain confident and let him know that we remain confident in him, and that we expect he’ll bounce back.”


On QB Josh Allen’s performance today:

“I thought we moved the ball at times, but again, overall similar to my statement earlier, just as it relates to scoring points, really when you look at it, we have to score more points. However we do that – running it, throwing it – we have to be more of a threat to score points.”


On overcoming the hurdles with the offense:

“You take it one week at a time, as you guys hear me talk about a lot. You go back and look at the film and learn from the areas that we need to learn from this tape, and continue to try and put our players in a position to make plays. I thought Josh did some really nice things in the game, as did some other people. Some of it was up to our standard, and certainly, some of it wasn’t, not getting the result being one of them.”


On whether this game should be a wakeup call that a 6-2 record doesn’t mean the team is where it needs to be:

“You know our guys. They’re humble. They work extremely hard. [We] didn’t get the result we wanted today, but we have to learn from the film and understand why we got the result that we did.”


On having concerns about Hauschka moving forward:

“I’m confident. I’m confident in Stephen.”


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