Bengals QB Joe Burrow (9.17.20)

Bengals QB Joe Burrow:

On his level of patience throughout the game:

“I was just trying to take what the defense gave me. They were playing from ahead so they were in their two-deep shell, and they were doing a good job of not letting anything get over the top. We had to move the ball so I was just trying to take what they gave me.”

On whether or not he will be able to withstand getting hit that many times for the remainder of the season:

“Yep, I’m good. I feel good.”

On grading his performance after giving himself a D last week:

“I am not sure. I would have to go and watch the film and let you know. We lost. That is the only thing that matters. We just have to find a way to win games. If we punched that in on the goal line, we probably win this game so that is what I am going to be thinking about.”

On the reversed touchdown and the following sequence of plays:

“We thought we scored. We had the two-point ready. Then they reversed it. We got our goal line in the game, and we just weren’t able to punch it in.”

On the most frustrating thing about tonight’s game:

“Just losing. Losing isn’t very fun. This might be the only time in my sporting career that I have lost two games in a row. It doesn’t feel very good. I know that the guys in there are hurting. We are going to come back to work tomorrow and try to get this thing right. Losing is unacceptable to me, to everyone in there, to (Bengals Head) Coach (Zac) Taylor and to everybody in this organization. We are just going to have to get it fixed.”

On his success in late-game situations and two-minute drills and confidence in his abilities in those scenarios:

“I have great people around me. The O line, I think, played very, very well tonight, considering that we threw 60 times and the defense knew that we were going to have to throw the ball because they were scoring a lot. They did a hell of a job for me, and I am proud of those guys. Coach Taylor has been calling some great plays in those situations, and my guys are making plays for me. That is all you can ask as a quarterback. We have to punch it in the end zone. We would have liked to have scored a touchdown before the half, and, obviously, last game, we needed to score there. We have been in scoring range so that has been one positive. We have been successful in those situations.”

On the Browns limiting Bengals WR A.J. Green’s production:

“They started playing more two-high. He was playing well at the beginning of the game. I missed some throws to A.J. again. I am just going to have to fix that. I can’t keep missing throws to A.J. when he gets open like he does.”

On the positive comments from LeBron James and Troy Aikman about his play:

“It is nice to have those guys have my back, but we are 0-2. That is all that matters.”

On his performance on fourth down:

“My guys were getting open for me. They did a great job all night. (Bengals WR) Tyler Boyd) has kind of been my go-to on fourth down. He has been awesome for me. I love working with all my guys. (Bengals WR) Mike Thomas, I thought, played really, really well. I would go to war with any of these guys any day of the week.


On what Boyd said after dropping the ball in the end zone:

“I know he is frustrated with himself. I know I can put it on his facemask better, as well. He played a really, really good game. He is hard on himself, just like I am hard on myself. We are going to get this thing right. You can count on that.”

On if DE Myles Garrett just got a hand into where he couldn’t see it to cause the sack-fumble:

“Yeah, that is all that happened.”

On if there is a common denominator with the offense’s performance:

“We just have to make the game-winning opportunities when they present themselves. I missed a bunch of them last game and missed a couple this game. The goal line really stands out to me that we were not able to punch that one in so that is disappointing. It is a long season. We still have 14 games left. Long way to go.”

On whether or not taking hits disrupts his rhythm:

“It doesn’t disrupt my rhythm at all. It makes me feel like a football player. I kind of like getting hit sometimes. It doesn’t disrupt me.”

On mentally adjusting to losing:

“I will never adjust or accept losing. That is just something that is not in my mindset so this 0-2 start is really hurting me. I know it is hurting Coach and everybody in there. We will never adjust to losing. We will never accept losing We are just going to have to get it right.”

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