Bengals QB Brandon Allen (1.9.22)

On getting into the end zone on the final drive:

“All game they had been doing a good job of disguising some coverages, and we had a tough time finding anything and getting going early in the game. Then I think later we had a couple of play calls that were perfect for some of the coverages there that they were playing. We were able to hit them with (Bengals WR) Trent (Taylor) on the out-breaker and then one down that middle that was big for us to keep some momentum going for us on that drive.”


On getting back into the rhythm of playing in games:

“I think there is always a slightly adjustment period. You do not want there to be, but I think it is hard for there not to be just getting back to the feel of a real game and seeing everything. Obviously, the speed. I see the speed from our defense in practice, but knowing that it is not practice, you are going to get hit again and that kind of thing, I think it did take a second, I wish it did not, but I think we were able to settle in a little later.”


On being tied to Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase’s franchise record today:

“I think that is an awesome achievement for him, and that is credit to a lot of people. That is not just Ja’Marr being a great player; it is (Bengals QB) Joe (Burrow) getting him the ball, the O line protecting and other guys running their routes and getting him open. Then obviously it is him being a very special player, as well, on top of all of those things. It is an incredible achievement, and it is pretty cool we were able to get him to that milestone.”


On how much Chase’s record was on his mind during today’s game:

“(Bengals Head Coach) Zac (Taylor) told me earlier in the week that we are not trying to force anything to Ja’Marr and to go where the coverage takes it. If it gets to Ja’Marr naturally, then it does. I do not think it affected anything. He does a great job getting himself open and just being the mismatch that he is. I think we had a couple of plays designed that could get him the ball. I think I was able to get him the ball pretty quickly, and he does the rest from there.”


On how exciting it is to finish the regular season and prepare for the playoffs:

“I think the entire locker room is excited. It has been a while since we have been to the playoffs. We know we are one of very few teams left still playing after this weekend so we do not take that for granted. We know that we have our biggest game of the year coming up next week, and we will prepare just that way.”


On if the team is simply focusing on the 2021 Bengals and not focusing on the media narrative that the team has not won a playoff game in 31 years:

“Yeah, I think so. I do not think there has been any talk of that sort of thing and [how long since] winning a playoff game. We know what kind of team we have this year, and all of the teams in the past are not the same as this team. Like you said, we are the 2021 Bengals, and this is our chance to win a playoff game.”


On seeing the difference from the end of last season to now:
“Obviously, we are a much better team than we were last year. We have done a lot of great things to put ourselves in this position. I think today was obviously not a great showing for us on offense, but I think getting a lot of guys that do not get those reps to get those reps is going to do nothing but help everyone. It is obviously a much different feeling from this time last year walking off of the field knowing it was the offseason and we were done, and now, we are into this year and we are going into a playoff game, we can keep winning and keep playing, and that is what we are going to be trying to do.”


On Bengals HB Chris Evans as a mismatch in the passing game:

“He is an extremely talented receiving back out of the backfield, and a lot of the time, he is getting covered by linebackers who really can’t hang with him. He has done a great job all year of catching passes out of the backfield and being a mismatch in the pass game. He also runs the ball really well in the run game. I thought all of our backs did a great job. (Bengals RB) Trayveon (Williams) ran the ball really hard. I think we had a really good showing from those two guys today.”




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