Bengals QB Andy Dalton (12.8.19)

Bengals QB Andy Dalton:

On what he saw on the fourth down draw and how the play developed:

“We had the look that we wanted for it. Obviously, it didn’t turn out how we thought it was going to, but it was the right call for that look. Unfortunately, they played it well, and we weren’t able to get in.”


On struggling in the red zone:

“Been some struggles we have had this year. IT is hard to say there is one reason why. I think a couple times I took a sack when I was down there. That set us back in long situations with goal to go, and that hurt us. That was the deciding factor in this game for sure.”


On the sack when it was first-and-goal at the 2-yard line:

“They had a good coverage for the play that we had. Yeah, that’s what it came down to.”


On Bengals HB Joe Mixon’s performance:

“I thought he played really well. He did a lot of really good things. When you run the ball like that, you’re going to give yourselves a chance. For us, it’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to take advantage of the day that he had, but I mean, he played really well.”


On Mixon’s progression throughout the season:

“I think he’s been playing really well and with what we’ve been doing, we’re giving him opportunities. We’re giving him lanes and giving him chances. It’s been fun to see how he has evolved over the season.”



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