Bengals Players (1.9.22)

Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase:

On his play in the game:

“It felt good having an opportunity to be in the game. Being able to execute and catch the pass – not from (QB) Joe Burrow, but I got to try and make a play on my feet. It was good being able to do it.”


On when he found out he would be playing today from Head Coach Zac Taylor:

“He told me right before the game, actually. He told the plays he was going to run for me too. He just told me right before the game.”


On if he knew anything about the Bengals all-time Receiving record:

“I was aware of it, but I did not get to go for that. It is cool though. I still got a chance to go for Ochocinco’s record.”


On what the significance of the chain was:

“(Bengals TE) CJ (Uzomah) asked me before the game. He liked my wrist jewelry, so he wanted to wear some of my wrist jewelry for the game. I told him I left it at home on purpose because I knew he wanted to wear it. So, today he asked if he could wear the chain. I told him he could wear it, but I want it back after I get this record.”


On if he believed that he would break Bengals receiving records:

“I do, with 100%. That’s why I said it.”


On if it means something extra to him that he accomplished the goals he set:

“It is just saying that I can do anything I put my mind to. I came into this season trying to do exactly that and I achieved a lot of things I wanted to do this year. I still have a lot more to do. Hopefully I can break some playoff records.”


On if any of his goals include specific playoff goals:

“No, I do not have anything that is exactly for the playoffs. The main thing that was on my mirror for the playoffs was to make it to the playoffs. That was the biggest thing that I hoped to turn around here, so I am glad that we are doing it.”


On if there were any goals he set for himself that he did not accomplish:

“Yes, I am short a touchdown actually. I think I have 13, and I believe I legit had 14 on my mirror.”


On how he came up with 14 touchdowns as the number he set:

“I think I had 18 in college if I’m not mistaken, so I just subtracted four from it. Just to stay close to it.”


On how he feels about the team right now heading into the postseason:

“We feel good right now. Everyone is feeling good and getting back on their feet. Trying to get healthy and stay prepared, so we are just trying to get ready for this next game at home.”


On what a playoff win would mean to the team:

“It would mean a lot to the organization and to the community too. Just having the opportunity to make it happen for the Bengals. They have not done it in a long time and that is all we constantly hear. Finally having everyone say the opposite of what they used to. That is what we are trying to do here. That is our goal.”


On if he talks with Chad Ochocinco throughout the season:

“We do not really go back and forth throughout the season. He tries to catch me as much as he can. We chatted maybe a week ago. He hit me up here and there.”


On if today’s game felt like an exhibition game for him:

“I do not really go about it like that. I try to go into every game thinking the next game is the best game or the most important game. That is my way of going about it.”


On why the team is so confident heading to the playoffs:

“The way we have handled ourselves. We have been making plays all year non-stop. We have a lot of leaders around us that are building us, making the younger cats better and living up to the hype that they have. It is being picked up by the older guys and making sure that we are straight. They keep confidence in us.”


Bengals S Trayvon Henderson:

On recovering the football and returning the fumble for a touchdown:

“Obviously I really did not know if it was a fumble or not. I was always taught as a defensive player to scoop the ball just in case. When I crossed the line, I honestly thought they were going to say that it was an incomplete pass, like he had his arm going forward. Then they said it was a touchdown. I was like, how did they review it that fast but it was a good feeling for sure.”


On if he has ever had a touchdown at any level before today:

“Yeah, I thought I had one that was a blocked a field goal. I scooped and scored that one when I was like 16. But as far as the NFL goes, that was the first time.”


On being elevated today and scoring a touchdown:

“Being on the practice squad, you’ve just got be ready. You really do not know what is going to happen. You might get called up the day of the game. You’ve really got be prepared. But that touchdown, it was just a combination of God and doing things right.”


On if he had a flashback to three seasons ago having the pick against Indianapolis in the preseason finale:

“No, the one in Indy I got hurt. I did not like it.”


On the touchdown being a sweet moment:

“Oh yeah, it definitely was. But like I said, I really did not know if it was going to be a touchdown or not until probably like 30 seconds afterwards, and that is when I really knew it. Having everyone come up to me and congratulate me, that is when the moment really started to sink in.”


On seeing the identity of the defense change during his time with the Bengals:

“Every week, it really does not matter who is in or what the scheme is. The standard really does not change. We just prepare like we are starters because like I said, anything can happen on a week to week basis.”


On the turnover in defensive players and how the mindset has shifted over the years:

“I think it is just chemistry, really. On the field and off the field, just building a stronger brotherhood. I think every year I have been here we have gotten stronger and stronger and we have the right guys in.”


Bengals CB Mike Hilton:

On how he is feeling after the game with his injury:

“I am all good. Someone kind of fell on me the wrong way after the pick, but I am all good.”


On if he was surprised he got hit like that:

“After I went down, I pretty much gave myself up. He (Browns G Wyatt Teller) got a nice little lick on me. But like I said, I am all good. I’m ready to play.”


On what it was like coming into the game in the 2nd quarter when he hadn’t played yet:

“It was unexpected but being a professional, you have to be ready at all times. The coaches put me in there knowing that they felt comfortable with me being out there with whoever. It is about being ready for your moment, whether you are a starter or a backup.”


On the biggest difference between regular season football and playoff football:

“It is cliché, but win or go home. There is no next week. Teams are going to break out their plays and schemes that they have been saving throughout the season just to have that advantage. We know that we have to play our best ball, and I feel like we still have not done that yet. We are hitting our stride though, and I like where our confidence is heading into the playoffs.”


On the rest advantage some of the starters were able to get prior to the playoffs:

“It is big. The #1 seed only gets the bye, so when you have the opportunity to rest your starters, you take the advantage. That was big for us. I know that guys will be ready for us next week and we know a lot is on the line. We have to come prepared.”


On why the team is so confident heading into the playoffs:

“It is the guys we got in this locker room. We know we are one of the most talented teams in the league and we have the opportunity to do that against the other most talented teams in the league. I feel like when the playoffs come, scheme can only take you so far. We know as players, you have to win those one-on-one matchups and have to make the big plays on both sides of the ball. We feel confident in the guys we have in this locker room, and are excited about the opportunity because a lot of them haven’t been this far. I know they are looking forward to it and they know there is a lot on the line.”


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