Bengals HC Zac Taylor conference call (10.22.20)

Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor conference call

On how Bengals QB Joe Burrow has grown since the Week 2 matchup:

“I think he just gets better with experience every week. He gets a chance to see different looks. He gets an opportunity to handle different game situations in the NFL. Just the chemistry with his teammates improves. He does a really good job handling his business and showing leadership, but it is just natural that you grow closer to teammates with every day that passes. I have been really impressed with him in that way.”

On how the Bengals WRs challenge opposing teams’ DBs:

“They are smart guys. They are big. Really, you look at the three starters and they are all big. They allow us to do a lot of different things. They can block in the run game so they allow us to do a lot of things that way. You have a trust factor with each one of them that in a 50-50 situation they are going to be the ones to make the play. We are happy with that group. We think we have a deep group on the active roster there that you would not hesitate playing any of them.”

On DE Myles Garrett and how much opponents have to gameplan to slow Garrett down, especially with the ability to make big plays:

“You do. He can change a game in a second. He did it against the [Washington Football Team]. The [Washington Football Team] trying to get back in it, and he had the sack-fumble. He has been doing it his entire career. He is a special player, and you need to make sure that he does not wreck the game. You have to be aware of him at all times.”

On the Browns defense and if the team looks different when it is able to create takeaways:

“That is the thing with them is when the game is starting to get close, they find a way to make that play to separate the game again in their favor in all of those wins that they have had. Really impressed with that group through just six weeks really in this scheme with these coaches. It seems like in some ways they are getting guys healthier and guys are coming back, and it looks like they have a lot of guys playing for them. It is a group that you can see is gaining confidence with each game. I know last week was a tough week for the team, but the defense played really well. They are getting better with each week, it appears.”

On challenges facing a team for the second time in a season:

“Whether you played them within the last four games or the last 10 games, you do not overthink it and you make it more about yourself. Obviously, that was their second game as a team, as a staff and players so they have had a chance to play a couple of more games since then. You just evaluate all of the tape, make the best decisions and try not to overcomplicate things and overthink when you are playing an opponent for the second time in five weeks.”

On if Bengals RB Joe Mixon will practice today:

“He won’t practice today.”

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