Bengals CB William Jackson III (9.17.20)

Bengals CB William Jackson III:

On his interception:

“The coaches put me in a great position to make the play. My guy actually went behind the line so once he did that, I am coached to shove, and the ball fell right in my hand.”

On WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s touchdown catch: 

“It just was not smart on my part. I was getting prepared that I was going to get that double move throughout the week. I kind of bit on it, and he made the play on me. It is nothing I can’t correct. It was just an immature move by me.”

On cutting the lead to five and the Browns running the ball to score late and help seal the game:

“They had success early running the ball so they wanted to run the clock out, keep running it and see if we could stop it. They popped the hole and they got a big run at the last minute.”

On frustrations giving up more than 200 rushing yards:

“Honestly, we just have to get back to the drawing board. It is nothing we can’t fix. They had some good runs – hats off to them. We are going to get back in the lab, and we are going to stop those big runs.”

On the biggest difference on the Bengals defense from last year:

“Just growing within the defense. Everybody playing as one. (Bengals defensive coordinator) Lou (Anarumo) is doing a great job getting us together and getting us prepared. We just have to make those plays when they come to us.”

On if the Browns talent at RB made it more difficult to tackle, given the Bengals’ tackling success last week:

“We are just beating ourselves. They have some good guys over there. They run pretty hard. We just have to wrap up. We lacked on wrapping up today. We have to get back to fundamentals and get back to wrapping up.”

On if the Bengals expected Browns QB Baker Mayfield to roll out of the pocket as much as Mayfield did in the first half:

“I feel like they were just playing it safe for the quarterback, giving him a little momentum. He is great outside of the pocket. When he is in the pocket, he is kind of suspect. They wanted to get him outside the pocket and let him be an athlete.”

On how deflating it was turn the ball over after stopping the Browns on the goal line:

“It was not deflating. We just had to go back out there and do our job. That is why we are here. That is why we were recruited. We just have to go out there, and there are going to be certain changes throughout the game. It is an NFL game so we just went out there and tried to make a stop.”

On gaining individual confidence with the interception:

“It was a wonderful interception – can’t take that away from myself – but I do not feel like I played to the best of my ability. I feel like no one should catch the ball on me. I am really not even flattered by it to be honest.”

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