Bears QB Justin Fields (8.27.22)


On what he thinks the first half signifies for where the Bears are offensively heading into the regular season:

“I just think we are continually getting better each and every day. We are just building off the previous days, and we are ready to get back to work next week and keep going.”


On the first touchdown and how they were able to overcome the holding penalty quickly and the value of turning something like that around:

“Before the game, we knew that we were going to run into adversity so it was a really good job by the guys – the O line, the receivers and the running backs – just to show that we can get past that adversity and keep driving on.”


On whether they gained confidence in tonight’s game now that the regular season is two weeks away:

“Yes, for sure.  This week is kind of like a mock game week or a mock game in the regular season week. So, we are just coming into the regular season on a good note.”


On seeing the scheme work and what kind of confidence that brings:

“I think it gives all the guys confidence. We did a great job in giving everyone confidence and trusting the offense and trusting the process of the game.”


On having RB David Montgomery back and having the physicality that he runs with and what it means for the offense:

“It opens a play action game and all that stuff. I am glad he is back.”


On how Montgomery back fits in with the identity that they want the have:

“He is the definition of it, so when you have a guy like that running the ball with that force and power that he runs with, it shows what you want to show for our football team from an identity standpoint.”


On what he was motioning to Bears TE Cole Kmet after his touchdown pass:

“After the touchdown, I just told Cole that route I just wanted him to be a bit wider. Cole did a great job taking the corner and safety to what we got. I did not want that corner to fall off and take away his route.”


On that play and how much he can control things with a speedier roll out, his eyes and just manipulating the defenders:

“We have so many different route combinations with the naked and stuff like that. You can manipulate them pretty well. The biggest thing in those plays is that you do not want to take a sack. You want to make sure you get a completion or a positive playout out of it, whether it is a short completion, whether I run for a few yards or whatever.”


On his trip here last year and whether he reflected on that during this game:

“For sure. I was of course thinking about that. I am glad that No. 95 (DE Myles Garrett) was not playing today (laughter). I am glad, definitely.”


On comparing how it felt playing last year versus this year:

“It feels pretty normal. We practice it so much where you are repping, repping, repping and you are used to different outcomes that may happen on that certain play. With the amount of times that we have run those kind of plays, we have grown really fast.”


On it taking years to get the roughing calls and it being the beginning of the year and he’s already getting them:

“I feel good, and I am glad I got the call. Definitely happy about that.”


On it taking a pretty egregious penalty to get roughing calls:

“Hopefully, it does not have to be that egregious next time for them to call it.”


On whether certain games feel different, especially with this game since every throw seemed like it was on the money:

“I kind of felt it beforehand. Sometimes you just feel good going into the game and feeling confident. Hopefully, we can go into every game feeling like that.”


On whether he saw his OL start shoving guys following the hit:

“I heard it and then got up. I felt a little bit dizzy when I got up on my feet. I heard it. I was trying to make sure that they did not get a flag for us so they would not offset. I do not know what to say. I do not know if we are going to get fined or what.


On it being a good thing that his OL stood up for him:

“That is definitely a good thing.”


On the touchdown pass to Bears WR Dante Pettis:

“Just went high zone, kind of a  one-on-on matchup. The other defender was the underneath flat defender. Pretty much one-on-one, little bit of inside leverage so just stayed patient on his route and of course he ran a good route. He is a great route runner, probably one of the best ones we have on the team. He executed the route perfectly and through the ball to him.”


On scoring three TDs in four possessions:

“I think it is just execution on all parts. I think the O line did a great job protecting today. I told them that multiple times. The receivers did a great job with scramble drill, just running the right routes at the right depth and stuff like that. Again just protection wise, run the football and that will open everything up with play-action and our bootlegs.”


On if he sees the performance as a turning point for the offense or just a regular preseason game:

“Definitely a turning point. I think we can build on this. We will go to next week, get better and prepare for San Fran.”


On if it feels he is gaining chemistry with TE Cole Kmet in this scheme and if Kmet is poised for a breakout year:

“Yeah, for sure. We all know Cole is a great player. He works hard. He is a leader on this football team so I am excited to see what he does this year for sure.”


On Bears Head Coach Matt Eberflus’ comments that he did a good job taking the completions that were there and if his mentality on that has developed since his rookie year:

“Yeah, for sure. Just kind of knowing the situations, knowing the percentages of when to take a chance and when just to take a completion and stuff like that. You kind of have to think about that before the play with down and distance.”


On if he is interested in seeing how the Bears’ roster gets cut down to 53:

“We are about to see in a couple of days.”


On if it will be tough to see guys be cut:

“Yeah, for sure. I feel like a lot of the guys we have had up to this point, I feel like they have been on the team for longer than they have been here. I feel like I have built great relationships with all of them, and it is going to be tough seeing some of them go for sure, but I have no doubt in my mind that they will find another team to go to or they will be brought back at some point. They are all great football players and they all work hard.”


On DE Dominique Robinson, a native of Canton, Ohio:

“I think he has really matured for a rookie for sure. He is married so a family man for sure. He is a freak athlete. He is fast. He has five or six-percent body fat or something like that so he is just a freak. On the field, just a smart guy and he works hard.”


On if he knew Robinson was a QB back in high school:

“I did not know that. I did not know that at all. I had no idea.”


On how he feels about his passing targets compared to last year:

“I definitely feel like I have a better connection with more guys on the team compared to last year. Just kind of been rotating. I think that is one positive thing you can bring out to at first not knowing who was going to be the starting three out there when you are in practice and throwing in different guys. I feel like I have built chemistry with a lot of the guys – the receivers, tight ends and running backs.”


On who else he feels like he can always count on:

“Yeah, EQ (WR Equanimeous St. Brown). Dante for sure. Byron when he was healthy. Really all of them. I feel like we have had a lot of reps at this point where it is just always getting extra work in and after practice. If you miss a route at practice, you stay after practice. It is just constant building.”


On if the game is slowing down for him in Year 2 compared to as a rookie:

“For sure. I think every time I get asked this question, I just flashback to last year (laughter). Yeah, for sure [it is slowing down]”


On if he plans to attend the Ohio State game next week:

“I am going to try and go to the Ohio State versus Notre Dame game next weekend so I am excited for that and excited to see those guys.”


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