Bears OL Cody Whitehair (9.26.21)

On how when the Bears have a day like today, how does he take it personally as one of the leaders:

“This one hurts. It is not what we wanted, obviously. The good thing is that we have a bunch of hardworking guys on our O line that know we are better than what we put out there today. We believe in our guys. We will get back to work next week, make our corrections, and move on from there.”


On how to fix things with a veteran Bears offensive line:

“I think, obviously we will have to look at the tape, but it probably came down to techniques here and there and footwork here and there. Like I said, we have a great group of guys – guys that work really hard – so we will get this corrected for sure.”


On what he saw from QB Justin Fields:

“He kept his poise. Obviously, there are two different ways he could have went about it and he took the route where just stay positive. He came in the huddle very poised and we just kept coming out there trying to get it going. Next week we will do better and get this thing turned around.”


On who is responsible to get things turned around:

“I think it is going to be all of us. We all take this to heart, we all know we did not play well. Obviously, that starts with me too as the leader of our O line. I have to be better as well. We will get back to work to where we need to be for next week and continue that going forward.”


On if the game with the offense struggling felt different with the excitement surrounding Fields:

“Losses are tough. When you do not play well offensively it is tough. It is all about how you bounce back and you can’t let this trickle over to multiple games. We will get back to work next week and get this thing fixed going forward.”


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