Bears LB Robert Quinn (9.26.21)

On if he felt that was his best game as a Bear so far:

“It was a descent game. Guys kept asking me what my stat line was. I know we lost the game, so it was a good game, but it was not good enough.”


On getting fourth down stops:

“We only have control on one side. All I do is play defense, so my job is keeping points off the board. As far as special teams and offense, we have no control over that. We just have to keep the energy on the defensive side. That is all we can control anyway.”


On what the cumulative effect is from being on the field for a long time:

“More opportunities for them to score. We have to keep zero points on the board and we did not do that.”


On what lining up alongside of Khalil Mack:

“We seemed to give the offense a headache, seemed to go to double team. Gave the offense some problems. We have to make sure we effect the game in a good way.”


On what the Bears have to do to bounce back:

“Next game, score more points than them. Basically, have more points on the board than the opponent. Put this one behind us. Move on to next week.”