Associate HC/OL coach James Campen, Senior defensive assistant Chris Jones, CB Denzel Ward and LB Genard Avery (8.20.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns position coaches and players during today’s media availability:


  • LB Genard Avery
  • Associate head coach/offensive line coach James Campen
  • Senior defensive assistant Chris Jones
  • CB Denzel Ward


LB Genard Avery:

On training camp coming to a close:

“It has been a long camp. We have been fighting it out. We came together as a team and got better every day.”


On his role in the defense:

“A hybrid. They can put me anywhere – outside linebacker, middle linebacker, defensive end. Just using me in any way to help the defense.”


On his opportunity to line up in multiple positions in the Browns defensive:

“I like it. I am very versatile so wherever I can make plays and wherever they put me each week, there I go.”


On practicing mostly at DE and if he has spent time working at LB in camp:

“No, I have not, but during the season it will be like a game-type deal and wherever they want me within that week, I will be practicing there.”


Associate head coach/offensive line coach James Campen:

On how close the Browns are to determining the starting RG:

“We are going to go through the process in the third preseason, then you take a look at that tape and make some assessments there. Hopefully, it is very apparent who that person is, but by no means is there anything set at this point in time. Just continue to work. Guys are rolling in and working well.”


On if he is surprised that someone did not seize the RG opportunity earlier in camp:

“No, not really because we move guys around. You have to be prepared for guys that are in different positions and those type of things. We have done some things in closed practices, too, and those things we want  a competitive advantage for ourselves. I am not disappointed at all.”


On if he is confident the Browns will know the starting OL after the Tampa Bay game:

“I do not think you ever really say anything is confident until it is done. The head coach will address who the starter is. I think we will have a more clear [idea].”


On G Eric Kush:

“He has done a fine job. He has competed very well. He has been on the first group here now for a couple weeks. He has a tremendous  value. The guy is a good center, has played both guard positions starting in this business. He is a very strong, powerful guy so he has done a good job.”


On if it is unusual for a team not to have all five OL starters determined by this point of training camp:

“No, not necessarily. Not at all. I believe that you have to rotate people. Obviously, the first four men up there have not rotated anywhere, and they are pretty much set where they are in positions that they are fighting for. It is a long season, and if you don’t get people in rotation and see in training camp, things can come bite you in the tail. It could be Week 10 and someone loses a helmet for two or three series or before they get healthy and get back in or lose a shoe. You have to have some recall and remember what you did back in training camp. Moving guys around is a good thing.”


Senior defensive assistant Chris Jones :

On if the defensive front is as powerful as it appears during practice:

“Our personnel department has done a good job of putting together a really good group. I will echo what (defensive coordinator) Steve (Wilks) said, we have a group that can affect the quarterback and we have four, five or six guys that can really get after it.”


On LB Genard Avery and his hybrid role in the defense:

“He gives tremendous effort to the ball. That is one of his biggest attributes. Steve is a very creative guy. He is going to be able to create packages and things of that nature to allow him to use his strengths.”


On the benefit of having versatile players like Avery:

“I have not had a lot of time in the NFL, but I know a guy that can affect the pocket and affect the passer. That is what everyone looks for. As he continues to mature, his effort is the biggest thing, and if we can get his maturity going scheme wise and things of that nature, he should find his niche, hopefully.”


On CB Terrance Mitchell:

“T Mitch is a pro. He has been around pro football a long time. He is a guy who has had some ups and downs. He has not been perfect, but he comes to work every day and he is a fun guy to be around. The players really like him. They gravitate to him, and he gets his hands on a lot of footballs. That is advantageous to him.”


On S Jermaine Whitehead:

“First of all, Coach Wilks said it best, he is a guy who can make all of the adjustments. He is a versatile player. He can play our nickel, he can play our buffalo position and he is a safety. He is a good tackler. He is good on special teams. What is not to like?”


CB Denzel Ward:

On the difference between training camp this year and last year as a rookie:

“Just feeling more comfortable coming in, knowing what I am getting myself into. Coming in as a rookie, just not knowing and trying to find a way to learn the playbook and everything. This year, I am a lot more comfortable in knowing the playbook, knowing the guys and everything.”


On the difference between learning the defense last year in comparison to this year:

“It is a little different. Last year, we ran of man and Cover 2. That was kind of our base. This year, we are running a lot more Cover 3.”


On focusing on tackling technique and keeping his head out of the tackle:

“Yeah, coach has been getting on me in practice. We have been doing a lot drills just to help on all of our tackling technique, but it is just about getting lower and getting your head out of it.”


On recently returning to team drills in practice:

“Yes, it definitely feels good to be running around with the guys and everything so I have been looking forward to it.”


On his injury:

“It was just my leg. It was nothing serious. I was just getting ready for the regular season.”


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