Assistant Offensive Line Coach Scott Peters (12.15.22)


On the Ravens defense:

“This is a very talented defense, as you know. They are stacked in terms of talent, but they are really well coached. All of the players, they are playing at a high level. There are not a lot of weak links in that defense. I don’t see any in fact. I think they have kind of come into their own. They have added (Ravens ILB) Roquan (Smith), and that is a big addition, as well as (Ravens OLB Tyus) Bowser. I think they are playing at their best level right now so it is a big challenge for us.”


On the challenge of incorporating new personnel into the Browns OL, particularly at C:

“It is a challenge, but it is part of the program. Everybody kind of goes through it with injuries around the league. I think for us to have at that one kind of a key position of center getting all of the calls, getting the communication and then obviously the techniques that coincide with that, of course it is a challenge when you have multiple people in there. (G) Hjalte Froholdt, he never played center prior to this season. We are really proud of the way he has been working and improving on a daily basis trying to elevate himself. It is a challenge, but it is something our guys are definitely up for.”


On the most significant adjustments for the Browns OL in the running game when transitioning to QB Deshaun Watson from QB Jacoby Brissett:

“There are always going to be some wrinkles, but on a weekly basis depending on the opponent, even with Jacoby, you would make adjustments up front. With Deshaun, it is another layer in terms of his abilities with the ball and his feet. I think the guys have really embraced that. It is something again where we are working to improve on a daily basis there. Certain plays are going to be different, but like I said, we were running weekly prior to Deshaun, there are always going to be wrinkles in terms of the run game. Having some new concepts in there definitely is a good opportunity for each of our guys. In terms of the technique, there are some subtle differences, but these are things that we have been working through training camp on.”


On getting acclimated to Watson’s mobility to help avoid potential holding and illegal man downfield penalties:

“It is awareness. Obviously, we can’t control the holding calls in a lot of cases, but we are trying to obviously keep our hands inside, keep our hands in front and keep our body in front, too. At times when our guys aren’t as sure if Deshaun is evading the pocket, you can’t keep your hands on that because they are going to see some cloth. I think those are things that are out of our control, but we are certainly aware of it.”


On T Jedrick Wills Jr.’s performance this season, given Pro Football Focus’ grades on Wills’ play and if it is hard for external groups to grade individual OL players:

“I don’t know much about PFF to be honest. I know there is some stock into it and obviously it has its merit. I don’t know what his grades are there. I thought he did a nice job in his pass protection last week. He has a real challenge this week. Obviously with Baltimore, they have such good talent on the edges. Jed has his work cut out, but he is continually improving so we are looking forward to that.”


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