Bills players (11.10.19)



LB Lorenzo Alexander:

On the team’s mood after the loss:

“We let an opportunity get away from us. Had a chance, especially defensively, to get them off the field and we were unable to execute. They made more plays than us at the end of the game. It just sucks, because we fought all game. We put ourselves in a position to win it. We could not execute when we needed to, to finish it out.”


On not be able to stop the run:

“I wish I can tell you. For whatever reason, we make a mental adjustment in the second half. It is not like we come in [at halftime] and make a ton of adjustments schematically. We have to be able to come out quicker and be able to stop the run. Some of the big plays that we gave up lead to points. That is the only way teams can get the ball down on the field on us. A lot of times, it is just us not executing. Missing tackles and out of a gap – things that we have done and know how to do. We just have to do a better job coming out and starting much faster than we have.  Not allowing teams to create the momentum and trying to play catch-up and then try to switch the momentum because it is hard. It is exhausting. When it is time to make plays, you are out of bullets in a sense.”


T Dion Dawkins:

On what went wrong in the second half:

“They are a great team and they ended up with a win. It comes down to us beating ourselves and that’s one thing we can’t do. That’s what we did today and that is why we ended up with an L.”


On what led to the outcome at the end:

“It’s every aspect of a football game. From offense to defense to special teams, from left tackle all the way to right tackle. From corner all the way to the other corner. Everything that falls in between, we have to do what is right for the team. It’s hard, but we can’t beat ourselves.”


On QB Josh Allen’s execution at the end:

“(QB) Josh (Allen) is human. We can’t put everything on Josh, even though he is the quarterback. There are 11 guys on the field and everybody has to execute. Today it didn’t show up.”


On if they anticipated a great finish at the end: 

“As the game goes, I have 100% confidence in everybody on that field. Until that clock says zero, I think we have every chance in the world to win. Unfortunately, today we fell short.”


On their defense holding the Browns to 16 points:

“Both sides have to pick each other up. We can depend on the defense and they can depend on us. As an offense, we can’t beat ourselves and we fell short.”


LB Tremaine Edmunds:

On if he has ever been a part of a goal line stand that successful:

“No I haven’t. That just shows the type of guys we have. Guys that have that fight in them and don’t give up. We stress it all the time, you win games on field goals and takeaways. I take my hat off to everybody out there. Everyone balled out.”


On the safety play:

“We had a blitz called, I came up the edge and we made a play.”


On Bills CB Tre’Davious White containing Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

“He did a good job, (CB) Tre (Tre’Davious White) is an outstanding player. I see it every day in practice. He is professional. He always wants to get better and work on his technique.”


G Jon Feliciano:

On their success recovering fumbles:

“We are told to chase the ball and finish. It is what we do and what we are trained to do.”


On the feeling in the locker room right now:

“Yeah it sucks.”


On how frustrating is it to lose at the end like that:

“We have to come back to work next week. It’s one game and it’s unfortunate. We don’t want to lose, especially when there is Cleveland Browns gear in our locker room. But besides that we are good.”


K Stephen Hauschka:

On today’s performance:

“I have been kicking the ball great in practice. I have been really happy where I am at right now. This is a learning experience. It is tough. I am going to move through it.”


DE Jerry Hughes:

On controversial regarding the incomplete at the end of the game:

“Ball hit the ground. I picked it up and tried to score.”


On what his opinion of the call was once he saw it:

“From my point of view it looked like Hunt dropped the hand off. It doesn’t matter what I think, the referees called an incomplete pass.”


On Browns RB Kareem Hunt’s usage during the game:

“They went in a lot of 20-fast personnel, a lot of trick plays, tried to get the ball in his hands. They ran the ball with him and (RB Nick) Chubb. They were going to try and get the ball to him, he has been inactive for eight weeks, so we knew he was going to get a fresh look.”


On the pressure they applied on Browns QB Baker Mayfield:

“Our secondary did a good job forcing him to go to two and three reads. When he does that upfront, we have the advantage point.”


On the feeling of having a touchdown to win and seeing it get reversed:

“Every turnover is reviewable. I don’t think you ever go through an emotional swing because you know the officials are going to find a way to do what they do. We have to play football and line up.”


On whether or not he agreed with the call:

“Of course not, I always want to score on defense. It doesn’t matter how it happens. But it doesn’t matter, the officials make the call and the call stands. We pick up and play football.”


On where this leaves them now and what do they do going into next week:

“This leaves us with a loss and we need to watch film and see how we can get better.”


DE Trent Murphy:

On sensing the urgency from the Browns:

“We knew they wanted to get this win for sure. We wanted to get this win. They definitely threw everything and the kitchen sink at us. They ran a lot of different plays, a lot of different personnel groups, and took a couple shots which we expected. It was a good called game.”


On the Browns’ last drive:

“I love our defense. I will go to war with them any day of the week. The guys on our side of the ball are awesome. Good character, stand-up guys and guys that want to win. They work their asses off every week. The stand on the goal line, I do not know how many there were, but basically going two series of downs at the two-yard line is huge. Credit to standing up. On the flip side, we have to be better at the end of the game. We have to be able to hang our hard hat on the defense, speaking for the defense. There is more from that aspect. We can hold up there at the end the game and not put it back on the offense. We believe in them and they can get the job done too, but at the end of the day, as a defense, you have to pack them on the road and we needed to get a stop there.”


On the goal line stand:

“I have been a part of some cool goal line stands and some tough defenses, but I do not think I have ever gone a full two series on the two-yard line. That was awesome. I will remember that forever. I would have liked the outcome today to be different, but it is still a positive.”


S Jordan Poyer:

On the slower starts for the Bills’ defense:

“They came out and did some things. They had a really good first 15-play game plan. Once we settled down, after that first drive, we felt comfortable about our scheme and what we were going to do.”


On the eight-play goal line stand:

“It was a crazy sequence right there.  Our defense was able to step up and make those big plays. It huge for our team and something we definitely want to build off.”


CB Levi Wallace:

On where the loss leaves the Bills:

“We have to go back to the drawing board.  For me personally, just try to figure out how to execute a little bit better and minimize the yards.”


On if he would have done anything different on the Brown’s go-ahead touchdown on the route specifically:

“I cannot tell you. I do my best out there.”


On containing the Browns’ weapons on offense:

“We want to focus on wins as a team, not just the individuals.”



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