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September 7, 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        786-863-7096


Cleveland, OH – September 7, 2020 –Cleveland Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett announced today that he is kicking off a “Tackle Thirst with Myles” campaign for the 2020 NFL regular season and will pledge to donate $5,000 for every sack to his NFL Waterboys program. Garrett serves as the captain of NFL Waterboys, where he leads a team of his peers from around the league to join forces with fans and businesses to provide clean water to communities in desperate need at home and abroad.


As part of the “Tackle Thirst with Myles” campaign, Garrett is inviting all Cleveland Browns fans and local businesses to join him in making a financial pledge per sack.  Garrett has set the goal to raise $95,000 in honor of his number #95 and bring clean water to 9,500 individuals in desperate need by the end of the regular season.


“There are over 785 million people worldwide that lack access to safe drinking water, and now what I do on the field can help decrease that number,” said Myles Garrett, NFL Waterboys Captain. “My favorite thing on Sundays is to chase down opposing quarterbacks. Every time I record a sack, it will be more than just a stat line; it will change the life of someone who has never had clean water. I hope that all Cleveland will join me and make a pledge so that together we can change the lives of 9,500 people.”


Fans can join Garrett and Tackle Thirst by making a pledge at Fans will be able to select an amount they want to donate per sack with Garrett and then watch Garett all season and follow the number of sacks he tallies. Garrett asks that all fans make their pledges before the end of NFL week two on September 21.


NFL Waterboys is the first program of the Waterboys initiative that was founded in 2015 by two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long. When Long retired from the NFL in 2019, he hand-selected Garrett to be the new active captain of NFL Waterboys. Garrett now leads players from around the league and retired NFL Waterboys Hall of Famers to team up with fans to dig deep and deliver the life-sustaining gift of clean water.


To date, Waterboys has provided clean water to over 380,000 people, and NFL Waterboys program donations now help our neighbors in the United States and East Africa.


About Myles Garrett:

One of the biggest stars in the NFL, Myles Garrett, is entering his fourth season as a defensive end for the Cleveland Browns. Drafted as the number 1 overall pick in 2017 by the Browns, Garrett is the first-ever number 1 overall selection from Texas A&M University. In his first three NFL seasons, Garrett recorded 30.5 sacks (13.5 sacks in 2018) and earned a trip to the Pro Bowl in 2018. Garrett first joined Waterboys, the cornerstone initiative of The Chris Long Foundation, in 2017, his rookie season, with a desire to impact the clean water crisis in East Africa. In 2019, Garrett’s leadership skills and his passion for clean water and help those in need inspired Chris Long’s selection for Garrett to be his successor as the Captain of the NFL Waterboys. In that role, Garrett leads a new era of NFL stars to use their platform to transform communities through the gift of clean water.


About Waterboys:

Founded in 2015 by two-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long, Waterboys unites professional athletes, coaches, veterans and fans from across the world in support of a single, shared cause: providing clean, accessible drinking water to 1 million people. By working together, players and fans can make a meaningful difference for communities in desperate need by funding sustainable clean water projects. These projects provide life-giving water and all that comes from it, including education opportunities, improved health, and economic stability. Initially starting with projects in East Africa, Waterboys expanded its work in 2019 to also include U.S water projects and operates four core programs that support its work; NFL Waterboys, Hoops2o, Conquering Kili, and Hometown H2o. To date, Waterboys has raised over $5 million with the help of over 45 professional athletes, providing clean drinking water to more than 380,000 people as a result. To find out more, visit