WR Rashard Higgins (9.24.21)


On what immediately went through his mind about getting more prepared when WR Jarvis Landry went down with a knee injury:

“I am always ready. Coach makes sure that we know every position when we go out there, just in case something like that goes down. Honestly, we hated for one of our brothers to go down, but somebody has to step in and fill the role.”


On what WR Odell Beckham Jr. returning does for the Browns offense:

“It brings more fire to the offense. We have been missing Odell since last year. You guys know what he is able to bring. He is electric. He is explosive. He can do it whenever he gets the ball in his hands, and that is what we are missing. I can’t wait to see him Sunday.”


On if Beckham looks like fully himself on the practice field:

“He looks good. He looks good. I can’t wait for him to showcase it Sunday.”


On if it is on all the Browns players to pick it up with Landry on injured reserve:

“Absolutely. Jarvis is one of the main leaders on the team, and what he brings to the team is very special. He is a good route runner. He pays attention to the details. Me being that slot outside guy when Jarvis goes down, I have to come in and I try to make sure I am paying attention to the same things that he will do so I can implement it in my game and go out there and execute at a high level.”


On if he knows who will pick up the emotional leadership component of Landry’s contributions to the team:

“I do not, but I know we all have each other. At the end of the day, if we have each other, that is all we need.”


On his ability to be ready whenever the team calls his number:

“It is just always having that underdog mentality. I have always been that underdog at life. To go out and try to prove myself, that is what I am all about. I want to prove myself. If I have to continue to do it each year or however the case may be, then I am going to continue to do it that way.”