HC Kevin Stefanski (10.22.20)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski:

On WR Jarvis Landry playing through a broken rib and what it means in the big picture for the team:

“That is the player that Jarvis is. That is why he is a leader of this football team. I made a big deal of it in that Indy game. We knew how physical that game was going to be, and he was a team captain for a reason in that game because I know he is a wide receiver, but he is a physical player that everybody feels when he is on the field. He gives great example to really all the guys.”

On if he had an appreciation for Landry’s leadership and Landry’s toughness prior to joining the Browns:

“I had never met him and did not know much about him. Obviously, I think that is until you are around guys and understand what makes them tick, you just know the player, you know the jersey and you know the helmet but you do not know the guy.”

On if he sees the rib injury affecting Landry and as a coaching staff do they have to protect Landry at all:

“Do I see it affecting him? I am sure he is sore and I am sure he feels it when he plays, but I think he is playing well so no, I can’t tell you that I noticed it. In terms of protecting him, he is medically cleared and ready to roll, and he is out there and he wants to play.”

On if there is an update on RB Nick Chubb’s status and if Chubb could be available after the bye week:

“No real substantive update other than he is progressing and he is right on schedule. I will wait until they tell me he is ready to go. I can’t speculate, though.”

On if Browns players are practicing ‘with a little more fire’ this week:

“No, I think the guys have been pretty focused throughout. Yesterday was a good practice, and guess what? Today has to be a good practice. That is kind of the mindset that the guys when they walk through those doors they have to be ready to work.”

On if the atmosphere seems more determined or different:

“We were indoors yesterday so the speakers were a little bit louder maybe (laughter)?”

On the Bengals defense, particularly given new roles for tenured players like Bengals DT Geno Atkins and Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap:

“They are playing a lot of players. They are rotating the linebackers in there. They are rotating along the defensive line. They are rotating the secondary. Our guys really have to go to work this week and understand your opponent. Sometimes you play those teams where it is the same 11 guys and then the nickel comes in to replace the linebacker, but it is the same players. Really have to go to school. I think they have some linebackers that can really run and some young guys. You are right, we have to see with their personnel changes if that is affecting their schematic changes, and we will kind of see that early on in this game.”

On if he has noticed a difference in the Bengals WRs since Week 2:

“I can’t speak necessarily to the difference in the first game, but like I have said, I think it is a really good wide receiver corps that they have at their disposal. They will line up with four wide receivers at times. They really want to utilize those guys and get them in space. They have big receivers and small quick receivers. They kind of have a full complement of guys.”

On Bengals WR Tee Higgins:

“Fits right into that group. I think he is flashing for them. I think they are seeing the big play ability with him. I just think it is a solid group overall.”

On how S Karl Joseph looked returning to practice from injury and what Joseph brings to the Browns defense:

“I would say he is progressing coming off that injury. We will see how he does today responding to working yesterday for the first time out there at practice. Karl brings a veteran presence, a smart football player, plays fast and kind of fits what we want to be.”

On if S Andrew Sendejo will not participate in practice again today: 

“He will be back limited today.”


On if LB Mack Wilson is getting healthier with more time passing since his knee injury and if Wilson is itching to get more playing time: 

“I would say yes to both. I think you see him, he is getting knocked around in there. He is, I am sure, getting cut, and people are hitting the knee and then he bounces back up and makes a great play chasing down the jet sweep. I do see him progressing. A long season. With all of our guys, I expect all of their roles to adjust and grow throughout this year.”


On what was most impressive about Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s performance in Week 2: 

“He kept firing. They kept coming back. He did a great job. They were 4-4 on fourth down. I thought his pocket movement was really impressive for a young player. He stepped up. He slid right. He slid left. He is a good young player.”

On where Burrow has grown during the past five weeks: 

“I think in all areas. I can’t really specifically tell you one spot that he has shown more growth than the others. With these young players, these are great valuable reps, these game reps. Without an offseason, he is seeing things that I am sure they could not give him a ton of looks in training camp as you are installing a system for a rookie quarterback. He is just banking all these game reps and getting better because of it.”

On Mayfield, Landry and RB Kareem Hunt playing through injuries and what that shows about the toughness of the team: 

“It is the National Football League. I think those guys get it. No one feels 100 percent in Week 7 right now so they are pushing through injuries. Some guys are just gritting their teeth and pushing through, and that is what you have to do. Those three guys in particular and then we have a bunch of guys that I think are playing, practicing and pushing through injury that mentality-wise is just not going to hold them out.”

On if Hunt would potentially not be asked to do as much due to the injury if Chubb was available: 

“I do not know. I do not think so.”

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